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    I am presently a Liberal Arts major at Fresno City College.I plan to transfer to Fresno State after acquiring my 2-year degree.Eventually,I would like to become a teacher at either the Jr high or High school level.<br>My interests include music,cooking,reading,writing,politics,human rights,conservation and the environment,animal rights,horror films,various other things.
  1. A friend of mine suggested the same on the phone tonight.Its my CD-RW drive that's shot. I might ask him to have a go at it.I'd just mess my computer up worse by fooling around with the insides myself. :biggrin: My friend mentioned something about buying a CD-RW drive which could be connected to the PC through a USB port.He said that way I wouldn't have to try and open my PC up and make repairs myself.Anybody know what product he's talking about (I have an e-machines W2247 model PC)? :)
  2. Thanks for the help. After further checking,I think I may have done more damage than I thought. Now,I can't get the CD tray to slide out of its little slot at all.... Man...stupid,stupid,stupid...
  3. Okay,I suppose what I did was really stupid. :biggrin: Yesterday I tried to play an old,scratched CD on my computer (it had played for me in my compact CD player just a moment before).Once I placed the disc inside the PC's disc drive it started spinning really quickly (I could hear it),and then...Bang!It exploded.... I spent an hour cleaning CD bits and pieces out of my computer's disc drive.But now,the disc drive will not work. Tell me,how much is my idiocy going to cost me? Am I going to have to take my PC in for repairs?(Lord,I'm dreading the replies...I know I messed things up). I need to get the disc drive working again.Its very important...
  4. Happy Birthday,Trekzone!
  5. Courtney Love. Don't know what species she is.... but man,what a funky Drone that would be.... :biggrin:
  6. Wow.How can anybody really answer that? I have no idea.Too intense a question for me.
  7. Yeah.The people who build the props are always putting funny little things like that in the displays.
  8. I had a problem with that,too.Enterprise made it to Sector 001 way too quickly. I don't see the task force holding its own against the Borg for the hours it would have taken Enterprise to arrive. But,I just overlook that and enjoy the film.
  9. I prefer production order.
  10. I watch it once or twice each December (in fact,I watched it a few days ago).But that's it. Those National Lampoons' films seemed so much funnier when I was younger. :blink:
  11. A Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out!") and Gremlins (1st movie) :blink:
  12. Well,I held my breath and deleted the account.... so far nothing has happened. I've never heard of ASP.NET before,and don't know a thing about web design. I have Norton Anti-Virus. Thanks for the help. :hat:
  13. I've gone into chat rooms and read what others were saying,but never posted or went in using my real name. Those chat matter what their subject matter,they're always filthy,dirty.I'm not sure I'm even old enough to listen in on what's being said :lol: I haven't gone back to any in months.There's no point,IMO. As for Internet dating,I've never really tried that.I'd be afraid of meeting into a nut. :blink:
  14. Okay,this is weird... Someone has registered a user account on my computer (which is impossible since nobody uses the computer except for me...) I only just noticed this when I went to my control panel a few moments ago to change my account avatar. It said "ASP.NET Machine A" (limited account/password protected).This new account was listed beside my own (my own being the only user account that has ever been on my PC). Does anybody know what this is that's happening? I know that that account was never on my computer before now. I have a feeling that I should delete the account immediately...but since I don't know much about computers,I'm don't know if I should.
  15. Well,hope everyone likes it. The site started up on Monday,and since then it has registered more than 20 members,and been visited by a minor pro wrestling star,"The Nature Boy" Buddy Landel.The site is dedicated to a pro wrestling game that I have been playing for more than a decade,however it also offers forums for real world wrestling and other diversions.Stop by if you have time and say,"Hello". On site I am registered as the "FanZonePresident". Champions Of The Galaxy (COTGfanzone)