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  1. See topic
  2. I wish I had worked harder last year in school.
  3. Good source SV I have heard that before, however in places like florida where UH lives it accually takes more energy because they have to keep the air conditioning on later...
  4. Guacomole Chicken BLT from QUIZNOS!!!
  5. Magic the Gathering - A fun card game
  6. A couple of monthes ago everyone was talking about him now every seems to have forgotten about him. WHY? He is a threat.
  7. Blink 182 - One Good Reason And any other punk I can get my hands on.
  8. I voted somewhat important because I would come here with or without the star trek themed atmosphere, which I enjoy very much.
  9. You are going to have to figure this out by yourself. For me I have realized that leaving on my 18th birthday will be the best possible solution.
  10. Me no. My friend said he saw an angel tho. However he is often high on drugs that make him hallucinate!
  11. A friend downloaded a password hack and got into my email. It was all a joke tho. No harm done. Also another of my friends figured out how to remotely shut down computers at school. It was hillarious to see other students go insane when their computer kept restarting!!! Also what do you do about spyware because I have had a lot of trouble with that!
  12. Yes I hate them because their voice recognition system is SOOO inaccurate it just drives me CRAZY. They need to improve their program more before risking using it on their customers.
  13. I am not sure but this is what I understand from school. Work Ethic = Your Atitude towards your Job: Determination, Lazyness, Tardyness, On Task, showing up at all, you know what makes a good/bad worker and that you can have a good work ethic or a bad one. Maybe I am wrong tho. I also think that too many americans have a bad work ethic.