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  2. linebacker
  3. Hello Wishfire! Thanks for the reply. It does, however beg the question: is there a vessel with a third engine nacelle, and what is it called?
  4. Greetings Voyager Recruit! Thanks for the info from Wikipedia and the tech manual. I'll check into them. I am fascinated by the variety of space vessels, and accompanying names, created during the ST era. I may choose to use one as a new avatar. But which one?? Decisions, decisions......... LOL!
  5. If I'm correct, the "Dreadnought" class of star ship - is a vessel similar to the "Enterprise" but with a third engine nacelle between and above the other two. I have seen pictures of them, perhaps at the official Star Trek site. Just a curious thought I had while lying awake. Thanks for any information.
  6. Like hangon, I love pie too. But if I must choose, its Key Lime for me. How many others like Key Lime?
  7. yes, Jim there are a lot of sad faces in Vikingland. This year goes from bad to worse (i.e. the "Love Boat" incident, for one). The only bright side to this is that........tada!......we are still ahead of the Packers! I just had to make that little jab, Jim. All in fun.
  8. Great pic, Jim! :(
  9. I've been watching episodes of DS9 "intermitently" :( that are being aired on Spike TV. I will add my thoughts to this thread on certain episodes here or in another thread. I am beginning to understand why some favor this series over the other ST series, VBG ^^^^ being one. I especially like episode with Vic on the holodeck, giving pointers to Odo on how to woo Major Kira. The kissing scene in the promenade was nice, too.
  10. What a long game for #3, and the first ever in Texas. Yee haw! LOL! I dozed off in the 14th (!) inning, so missed the winning run. As a previous poster said, this may be a sweep. I am still at a loss to understand why the home team cannot make the decision whether to keep the roof open, or to close it. Statistcally, the Astros do much better with it closed. This could be the talk in the off-season, and yet another possible rules change. The Astros stranded a bunch of runners, so it may be they "dropped the ball" in their shot at winning the game. :( It was great game to watch, nonetheless.
  11. Very funny, AE! However my wife doesn't like my snoring, but says it does comfort her to know I am there beside her, and not elsewhere. LOL! :(
  12. I'm following the World Series. It seems the Sox are getting a lot of help from the refs, either bad calls, or just dumb luck on the part of the players, esp A.J. Per...... ( I won't try to spell his name........lol). Last night, the batter, whose name slips my mind, is given a passed ball, as the ref decided he was hit by the pitcher. On further review, the camera shows that it didn't happen. (!) That occurred in the 9th inning, w/ two outs. That call, blown or not, seemed to have made the difference and allowed the Sox to win again. I guess a win is a win, but this is tough for the Astros. I don't really have a fav, but i hope that the games can be , shall we say, "fairer"? I cannot imagine the feeling that the reffing staff must feel now. Wow!! :)
  13. Its good to see the NHL playing once again. I may need to keep an eye on the Oilers this year, as one of my fav players, Chris Pronger, is no longer with the Blues. I'm not singing "the blues", tho. LOL! :)
  14. i am also excited that Discovery will be returning to space. w00t! w00t!