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  1. Well,Hawai'i had a club in the old World Football League.I think the average football franchise makes so much money that the travel expenses could be handled fairly easily...but I'm not sure that Hawaiins would support an NFL franchise.Take the University of Hawai'i Rainbows.Unless the team is having a great year,they rarely sell out their stadium. Alaska.Hmm.I don't know.
  2. NES

    Here's a link to a free online NES emulator.You can play about 40 classic NES games there.The sound quality is sometimes poor,though...and the graphics not as crisp as they should be.Still,its fun. Norbert's Online NES Emulator
  3. I am eternally thankful to God for my family and friends. I have to admit that as I began cooking this afternoon,I became very depressed.My step-father (a man I've known since I was 8-years old) passed away this past July of renal failure after a 10-year struggle with diabetes.He was an awesome cook,and usually prepared the big Thanksgiving meal each year at he and my mother's house.This is going to be the first year since...well,the first year in my entire life that I will not have my dad (my real father passed away 20-years ago) sitting at the head of the table for Thanksgiving. I always try and find the good in everything,and I can at least say that I am Thankful that he is no longer in pain,and is in a far better place. However,I am determined to have a merry holiday for my own self,and my family's. I wish everyone here who celebrate's the American thanksgiving a wonderful holiday,too.God bless.
  4. I wonder why Julian was against the notion? Maybe there are health issues concerned with trill/klingon hybrides?You know,I would think a majority of halfbreed children(not human children with parents of different ethnicities,but children with parents of different races) like that would be subject to health problems and sterility?But maybe 24th century medecine has taken care of that? But then again,maybe there are benefits?My sister is married to an african-american,and my little niece was once ill with some virus (she got over it and has been in great health since),but I remember at the time my sister was terrified that it could be sickle cell anemia,as that runs in her husband's family....but the doctors said that mulatto children have a much lower probability of sickle cell anemia than african-american children.So,in that case,the caucasian traits helped.I'm sure the african-american traits have helped guard against diseases that are more common amongst caucasians,too. Hmm...I'd love to talk to the EMH or Julian about this. :lol:
  5. I was just over browsing the ez board 'Trek communities and found a Star Trek Fans Net,there. It has only 2 registered members,and 1 post.... I wonder if they are the beginnings of our evil mirror universe selves? This also begs the question,if that other isn't as advanced as this one,will they send an operative over to this "universe" to kidnap VBG in order to make him upgrade their site? :( Spooky....
  6. My Star Wars board is gone. Thankfully I had little on it.Time to start over.... :lol:
  7. No apology,necessary.I misread your post and would have replied sooner had I been here.I apologize to you,very sincerely. Click for Spoiler: I'm afraid I've been in a bit of a snit all day,but that's no reason for me to act like an *buttocks* here amongst my friends.I am sorry.
  8. I listen to several musical genres.My favorites are jazz,the blues,big band,swing,and dixieland.Depends on my mood at the time,really.I'm not sure why I like those types of music.I certainly didn't grow up when those forms of music were popular.I'm a child of the 60's and early 70's...I should like Janis Joplin,Hendrix,and Three Dog Night.But I don't.Not particularly.I'll take Glenn Miller,Bing Crosby,Etta James,or Myles Davis anyday.
  9. I don't think most big-name actors could pull off Star Trek properly. Could you imagine Schwarzenegger or Stalone as a Klingon?Or a Starfleet commander?
  10. Oh, smokers aren't "normal"?Thanks for clearing that up.
  11. I remember Sliders.I loved that show. The sci-fi that pulled me into science-fiction in general were the paperback novelizations of Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" and various compilations of sci-fi and horror stories published as "Alfred Hitchcock's Stories For Late At Night".Believe it or not,I was never very interested in television as a boy.There were a few shows I'd watch,like the animated Star Trek.But I always loved reading.Comics,paperbacks,magazines,anything. Around the time Sliders was on,I also liked that sci-fi series "The Chronicle".Other sci-fi shows I liked were "Red Dwarf","Lexx",and "Firefly".
  12. Does anybody know if either bananas the hutt or stormtrooper hk-554 have posted recently?I sent them messages about my site,but they never got back to me..... I'm just curious.Especially about the young fellow.Last he posted,he was ill or something.
  13. Anakin and Palpatine are excellent examples of absolute power corrupting absolutely. It happens all the time. I mean,just look at me...I should've known better. I am an all powerful Jedi.Last night when I was forced to remove I forum I had high hopes for from my site,I allowed anger to take control and temporarily became a Sith Lord.Now Invisionfree's second server is down,and maybe I'm to blame....a Jedi really should be careful what he wishes for when angry Click for Spoiler: just joking,of course
  14. False.The Stargazer was attacked by a Ferengi starship at Maxia. True or false,Picard has a son named Jason Vigo?
  15. Captain Darson