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  1. Here's a tid-bit that I thought was funny I was reading the new EW during my lunch break and its the 2003 Fall TV Preview issue. Anyway, I was reading the little blurb they wrote about Angel (very nervously as I didn't want it to pull a "TV Guide" on me and tell me the plot of the entire season) and at the very end its says: I thought this was super funny. Isn't it a shame that DS9 was so badly received yet was actually very good television. Yet, to this day, it gets no respect. What can you do?
  2. I liked pretty much all the 2 parters as well: Basics Future's End Scorpion The Killing Game Year of Hell Dark Frontier Equinox I liked a lot of the Seven of Nine episodes too like: One Drone Infinite Regress The Voyager Conspiracy Child's Play Unimatrix Zero
  3. Overall: Click for Spoiler: I, surprisingly enough, really enjoyed the episode. The whole idea of the Xindi is cool and they are doing a good job of making them seem very alien and threatening. However, I think they should have kept them hidden or shrouded in mystery for a lot longer, kinda like how they kept us waiting forever to see the Founders of the Dominion. It would have built up a lot more suspense and curiousity. Its amazing that they had a lead on the Xindi after being in the Delphic Expanse for only 6 weeks. They should have made it seem as if they'd been looking for months. Would have given the crew license to take more drastic measures due to the severity and desperation of the mission. That Xindi guy should have stayed on the show as an unwelcome and uncooperative advisor for Archer. It would have created some good conflict and drama to the storyline. It's too bad they had to kill him off. Also, like Archer said, why would the Xindi attack Earth to defend their planet against attack if the planet has already been obliterated? Does it reintergrate sometime in the future? I'm excited to find out. The Crew: Archer was blah as usual but I really started to like T'Pol in this ep. Her new clothes are much, MUCH better than that of the last 2 seasons. I actually liked her hair better the other way, shorter, more Vulcan. Trip was very believably traumatized by his sister's death, not overly so, so that was good. Reed was in there too, liked his conflict with the Marine-y guys and his whole issue with the "military mentality" Phlox was great as ever. We even got some Sato and Mayweather action (pretty good for them). I do like the Marine guys as well. They kicked *buttocks* when they grappled down to save Archer and Trip. And it was very nice to see Daniel Dae Kim in there too (the astronaut from the Voyager ep Blink of an Eye as well as his character Gavin from seasons 3 and 4 of Angel). Trip and T'Pol: Please, please, please don't make them a couple! Why must they hook T'Pol up with someone! She's a Vulcan, keep her distant, cold and arrogant, that was the only thing that I originally liked about her. When they started hooking Seven and Chakotay up I wanted to shoot myself. Luckily, it was at the end of the series so I didn't have to endure so much of it. But T'Pol, along with Seven, should remain stay the way they are/were. Overall good ep. I hope they keep this season arc going for a lot longer, makes you not want to miss an ep, which is good :)