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  1. Hmm, I must get my hands on some of this kryptonite...
  2. I would have swallowed my pride and moved to a different planet.
  3. Two of them changed. Tal maybe grew a bit more confident, they didn't really fix her.
  4. A very good episode which gives us a better look at the lower decks of Voyager. Janeway takes three misfit crewmembers on an away mission, all of whom I seem to have something in common with. At least this episode has a happy ending- meaning the Bajoran doesn’t die. 5
  5. Oh snap! That’s messed up! They could have at least tried to find some other way to infect/ fend off the Borg. I hope the lot of them get assimilated and blown up by Voyager. Still a pretty damn awesome episode. 5
  6. Is that how surgical alteration works? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done, but I never imagined it would be with a hypo spray. Didn’t they use dermal regenerators in past episodes? Or is it just because of Lyndsay’s physiology? Bah! This confuses me. I hate kids. Poor Harry. I think he’s suffered the most throughout the Voyager’s “adventures”, only with the exception of, you know, the people who have died. But then again, Harry did die once or twice. Poor Harry… Sad episode. 5
  7. I was looking through a blank tape and found a recorded Enterprise episode, Affliction, so I'm watching that.
  8. And just today was the first time I watched it. I don't have disc 5 of season 6 so I couldn't watch four episodes including this one. Thanks to Spike, I'll finally be able to finish my reviews.
  9. The holodeck malfunctions! But this time there's a believable reason for it. The people of Fair Haven discover too much about the crew, and their 19th century-programmed minds just can't handle it and start a lynch mob. In all, a fun episode. 3
  10. I like Seven, but she seems to have been made too much of a sex symbol (Jadzia's WAY sexier). Not to mention my being a Kes fan, so I pick the Doc-man-thing.
  11. Now I'm watching DS9: The Quickening. After that, I'm going to watch DS9: Far Beyond the Stars, and maybe both parts of DS9: Past Tense.
  12. From the list, I've only seen ALIEN and The Matrix. Out of both, ALIEN wins hands down.
  13. I laughed at the first few Caveman commercials, and every new one here and there makes me chuckle a bit, but some of them are pretty stupid too. I'll check out the show if I ever care to remember about it. Well, better the Cavemen than that stupid gecko. I very much hate that gecko... I pretty much hate any commercial with talking animals/ inanimate objects. Pet peeve and all.
  14. I suppose I can see Damon playing Kirk. Brody, I'm not too sure about, and I've never even heard of the other guy (I don't watch any CSI). Trek has never really had any big Hollywood actors playing anything buy cameos, and to have these big actors staring in the movie just to appeal to a new fan base doesn't seem like Trek to me. Don't get me wrong, I think Trek needs a good boost in fans as much as anyone else, but this direction they're taking the franchise seems like a bad idea. *sigh* I just need to wait and see how this goes. Everything now is pretty much rumors and anything can end up changing during production. It's too early for anyone to be too pessimistic about this movie.
  15. It was defective. Instead of throwing it away, they gave it to Wes so that he could think he was important.