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  1. happy birthday! :D

  2. Maybe all the religion discussion which go on here could move to your board, and we could get back to science fiction and fact. Whatever. You can have Trek. I'm growing a little tired of it's socialist ideology and secular humanist baloney anyway. Wake me up when it's writers manage to produce something relevant. So, tell me, do you and Michael Richard's share the same quality? Apparently he thinks it's okay to insult a man because of his skin color, while you insult me because of my faith. Either way, it's bigotry. Pretty unbecoming of an "enlightened" person, eh ?
  3. The local grocery market sells a couple dozen different flavors of Jones soda. I've tried most of them. So far I only like the Green Apple and Cream. Can't imagine I'll like Green Pea. But what the heck. It's just a dollar. I might try it.
  4. I haven't been around because There's hardly anything new to discuss about Star Trek. That, and I finally managed to create a MB that's successful. Takes up most of my online time.
  5. No. Most of my friends are either only mildly interested in Trek or hate it altogether. They suffer my Trekkie ramblings with good humor, but they could just as well do without it. Weirdos. :blink:
  6. All I can say is that sometimes some of us get what we deserve.
  7. I may watch Ent's re-runs. I think I saw all of 3 episodes during it's original run on UPN.
  8. I used to be. And the articles are nowhere near as neutral as Wikipedia would have you believe. Especially the political and religious articles.
  9. Star Trek Cribs - The Directors Cut Found this at Youtube.
  10. :biggrin: That does it.... Next time Moses points his staff at you.
  11. Moses I found these while surfing hobby & collectibles sites earlier today. Bible action figures. Ha....and you thought your Darth Vader was tough. Just wait until he comes up against the power of the true "Force". I can just imagine Vader charging his light saber, then Moses looking at him, sighing, pointing his staff.....and wham! Vader is parted, like the Red Sea. :biggrin: Link
  12. The Borg Queen isn't 7's mother. I agree with many of the arguments presented by those who also feel this way in this thread.
  13. Can somebody tell me how to place content to either side of the discussion forums on an Invisionfree board? My nephew wants me to do this for him and I just can't. I've asked for coding help at IF and on the IF boards I post at, but nobody's responded. Any help would be appreciated. He basically wants to add little links off-site and such. Buttons.
  14. While I enjoy Sandler's comedy albums and liked him on SNL. I can't say that I've ever really loved one of his films. The Water Boy being, possibly the sole exception. While there are very few Jim Carrey movies I don't like. The man's a comedic genius. I like watching old episodes of In Living Color just to see if I can spot the genius back in those old shows. And I can.
  15. The dream end would have made me go insane. I would have hated that. I'm glad somebody squashed it.