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    In Trek terms - Scotty. The original one :-)
  1. It's the 30th anniversary of the film's original release this month, and to celebrate I just watched the Director's Cut (again). It is an improvement on the original cut, and the new effects are great - but I still remember the thrill and awe I got in the cinema when Scotty and Kirk took the tour around the Enterprise. Remember, we hadn't had ANY Trek of any kind, save the reruns of the original series, and the animated series, for... well, it seemed like forever. No videos, just a few books if you were lucky enough to be able to track them down. From that perspective, the film was awesome. We WANTED to crawl over every inch of the Enterprise, and we didn't care how long the mission took, because we wanted to spend more time in the company of these people who we had missed so much. Yes, the V'Ger flyover is still too long. But for the rest - it's a lot better than it's often given credit for.
  2. Scotty. Brave, resourceful, loyal, brilliant at his job, plus he could do the Captain's job too when he had to. And he was cute!