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  1. Howdy Friends! Hope everyone is doing well going into the last run before Christmas! I have just acquired a few new things; solid and VERY rare Trek stuff. I have acquired some artwork from Dan Curry.. the Visual FX Supervisor for all the Trek shows. Dan, as you know, also was the designer of the Bat'leth and the Mek'leth Klingon weapons and is just a fantastic artist. A lot of his own art has appeared in episodes all the Trek shows. The first thing I have is a giclee print of a painting of Dan's that shows the Klingon Anatomy. The print is angled forward for photographing so thats why it looks out of proportion. I have the giclee print and a poster version of the same image and both are signed by Dan. Below is a shot of Dan signing the poster version in his studio as well. I do have more photos than I post here so if you want to see more, just write me! Email Me! Okay.. on to more stuff! Scripts from TNG that were Visual FX Supervisor Dan Curry's working scripts. I have "Emissary" "Elementary, Dear Data" and "Redemption" A Set of TNG Stationary: An in-house giveaway poster from TNG: Storyboards from TNG, VOY and ENT, all signed by Dan Curry.. who drew them... Concept art drawn by John Eaves (Great artist by the way) and signed as "Approved" by Dan Curry: The Klingon Anatomy image is posted above, the Giclee version of it, this is the poster version signed by Dan in black sharpie (picture of him doing it is above too) The Giclee is signed in silver paint and here is that portion of the image: This one is kind of cool.. its the memo dated May 12, 1992 from Rich Sternbach to Berman, et al, discussing aspects of the DS9 miniature model prior to building it. The packet also includes several computer renderings of what the station would look like with ships docked on the docking ports and a line drawing of the station with parts labeled on it. This will also come with a larger line drawing in two parts of the plan of the station but here are some photos: Now this next one is a bit of an unusual item. Its the SMPTE Book from the TNG episode, I, Borg. One of my favorites, by the way. This book is time-coded frame captures from the entire episode printed in a book the size of a regular script. As you can see the thumbnail images are all labeled with time code and some places there are notes or instructions for editing or other visual effects notes. There are thousands of images in this book for this one episode alone. And, the most interesting thing about this piece (to me anyway).. this is the ONLY one in existence.. But its an odd piece and not sure anyone would find a home for it.. LOL And last, is this huge cardboard model of the Enterprise-D from TNG. Its rather big as you can see and is made to hang from the ceiling.. looks fun... I have a lot more photos of all this.. especially the concept art.. I have some good detail shots of those if anyone wants it. If you are interested and want to talk about prices or get more info about these pieces.. please either message me here or email me directly and I will share lots more images with you! Thanks everyone! Enjoy! Michael Email Me!
  2. Hello friends! I just acquired and put up on ebay a bunch of autographed photos of cast members from TOS, DS9, TNG and VOY.... Also have a few interesting props up on there.. Come check me out! LawnCow Seller List Thanks! Michael
  3. To everyone in the US.. Happy 4th of July! To everyone not in the US.. Happy Saturday! :) Cheers everyone! Michael
  4. Greetings everyone! Do you collect Star Trek production-related items? If so, we need to talk! :) I work in TV production here in Los Angeles and as I mentioned in my post under the Introductions forum, I have accumulated boxes and boxes of stuff from Voyager, Enterprise and one thing from DS9.. I have scripts, schedules, raw footage from Enterprise, an in-house only writers manual for Voyager, crew hats, photos, story boards and lots more! Feel free to write me either here or at my email ( and I will send you over the complete list.. with pictures! Woo! I love pictures! Thanks everyone! Michael