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  1. Probably DS9. Whilst it could definitely do with a bit more lighting (really, one is liable to trip over and break their neck! ) it seems more secure and friendly. The Enterprise is always flying off into battle, or running into killer anomalys, so I think I'd feel a lot better living on DS9. Plus there are new people from all over the galaxy coming to the station every day, Quark's, holosuites. What else could you want?
  2. Yeah, TNG's first 2 seasons were pretty painful! DS9 did have a surprisingly good start, but really, there are only a handful of early eps (Duet immediately comes to mind) that can stand up to the greatness of season 4-7. I personally thought VOY had the best first season, a few gems in 2 and 3, and became amazing in 4-7. I'm probably in a minority here, but I thought ENT had a fairly strong first season. Well, I liked it anyway.
  3. Definately the Delta Flyer. She's faster, more manouverable and far far cooler.
  4. At first I was pretty indifferent to him, hated him when he killed Ziyal, then loved him after he defected from the Dominion. It was so sad when he died! It was great to see the journey from drunken lacky to heroic freedom fighter. One of the best developed characters in Trek, and he wasn't even a main cast member. If that doesn't prove DS9's awesomeness, nothing does.
  5. Even though I loved Jadzia and was upset when she died, I liked Ezri. Well, at first I hated her, but she slowly grew on me. It probably wasn't until the third time watching that I came to appreciate her. She was an interesting character and had good development. I do still get a little irritated at the amount of time they had to divert from the war to develop her, but still, that's all Farrell's fault, so there's no point getting pissy with the writers. Ok, she was annoying at times (like in "It's Only A Paper Moon' when she was about to forcibly drag Nog out of Vic's and was telling Vic he's a hologram so she outranks him. I was like o.O WTF sort of counsellor thinks it's a good idea to drag a mentally unstable person out of the one place they feel safe, and I didn't like her talking to Vic that way either) but apart from then, I liked her. I thought it was interesting to see a character that wasn't too 'perfect' and didn't quite fit it.
  6. Definately bald+goateed Sisko. For one thing, he looked better, and for another he had more command presence.