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    Star Trek<br />Red Sox Baseball<br />Music!...The Grateful Dead, Zappa, the Faces, Little Feat, King Crimson, MMW etc.....
  1. The last I bought was the InstantLive Disc at the Ratdog show I went to last friday night, great show!
  2. Though I hate Winn more....Dukat was a way better bad guy, he was a big reason I found DS9 so interesting, such a complex character and he was important throughout the whole show, I wouldn't miss Winn in the spells she was gone, but if Dukat was gone more than a few episodes I would notice!
  3. Its doesn't beat the fried chicken, the fried skin is the best part!
  4. Almost everyday...something will make me or my wife think of it and we'll make a little joke, a guys at work will kid around with me about it.
  5. Brent is very versatile so I'll go with him as well even though I love Patrick Stewart. People named Brent are just awesome anyway! (Yes....I am a Brent)
  6. You Scored as Dominion You Are Dominion. You have to force people down to keep power. You lie constantly to have the upperhand. You hate not being in control but have a dark past. You are distant from people Romulan 65% Vulcan 60% Klingon 60% Cardassian 60% Dominion 55% Borg 55% Federation 50% Ferengi 40% No way...I am Cardassian! we were a part of the Dominion though....
  7. Me too....worst YES song ever. Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull
  8. Will they make me run at warp speed?
  9. Thelonius - Jeff Beck
  10. Nice....... we need more rings up here!
  11. This Cardassian loves beautiful women of all species!
  12. Picard...there were times I questioned Janeways mental stability.
  13. K'Ehleyr no doubt!
  14. This is a bit weird considering the last 2 posts.... King Harvest by The Band and Couldn't Get It Right by The Climax Blues Band were the last 2 song that played on my computer! I hvare over 2,000 albums on here and I hit random! Strange!
  15. v - vole