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  1. goes... I grew up watching the original series (at least in syndication), then as an older teen/young adult loved watching majority of TNG (fav characters included Data, and Guinan..absolutely loved to hate Q). I even went to a convention once and met the actor who played Q. I saw most of the movies (eventually I'll buy the whole darn sets and have a movie marathon saturday one day lol). My fav movie was ST IV, mostly cuz I'm an animal buff. Now.. my husband wasnt much of ST fan so he went into watching ST XI with a completely unschooled and fresh mind. He enjoyed it! Myself I thought it was one great sit on the edge ride. There was a continuity to it, and the storyline made absolute sense in order to draw an new crowd. Think about it, for die-hards, you could do it over and over and over and over and never get bored.... like reading your favorite book and always finding something fresh. As for me I sort of looked at this movie as if someone said Oh, look its a choose your own ending book! And instead of heading down the same path that would ultimately have the same familiar ending, they struck down a road that has yet to be traveled (and in a sense isnt that the path Roddenberry always tried to find). I loved the choice of actors who seemed to capture the essence of the characters whom we know and love, but brought to the table a little bit of themselves giving the characters a newness that we haven't seen before. For two hours I was captured and fell into that zone of believing that the characters, the story, all of it was real and that anypoint in time I could simply experience it. Well done to CG, story writers, directors, well done. I'm ready to be taken on a new road trip..... how about you?