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    spending time with the lads at Darby's Green Derby,my girl Molly,my dog Bogus,fantasy sports leagues,the RedSox,the Celtics,the Patriots,the Terriers,painting,music,etc.
  1. FNHL Update: (Top 5 teams) as of 11th,Nov,2003: #1 Quebec Nordiques 24-5-7 (Captain Smiley) #2 Minnesota Wild 20-7-9* #3 Atlanta Thrashers 19-10-7 (Subcommander beavis) #4 Los Angeles Kings 17-9-10 (Mr.Tinkles) #5 Phoenix Coyotes 18-14-4 (Sirius) Note:My roommate decided to move back to his parents house in the wake of the break-in of our apartment,so he's quit the FNHL. *I'm sorry,but I have forgotten who the manager of the Wild is :huh:
  2. Yeah,that was kind of fun.I ran all my parents and sibs names through,too. :huh: My elvish name was Huar Luinwe. My hobbit name was Pudgy Danderfluff
  3. I thought I'd start this topic,so we could have a pro wrestling thread that was not called "why I hate Bret Hart"...since I've been a huge Hitman fan all my life. Bret was still a member of the Hart Foundation under the management of Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart when I first remember watching wrestling.Wow,I couldn't have been much more than 6 or 7 years old :huh: (time sure flies when your having fun,eh?).IMO,and a lot of people will disagree,The Hart Foundation was probably the best damn tag team ever.I'm not saying they couldn't be beaten,but I am saying that on any given night the Anvil and the Hitman could have beaten anyone else. I was elated when Bret became world champion.I was disappointed when his heel turn took on an anti-american theme (which was just the storyline,not real animosity toward americans.His mother was an american,afterall),as I thought the USA Vs Canada feud was lame,though it did create some spectacular matches. I still try and keep up with the industry,which wasn't easy as I had no cable (couldn't afford to keep it with school expenses),and now I've got no television to boot (lol).But I have a computer again,so at least I can check out the pro wrestling sites from time-to-time. I think Vince McMahon did a lot to elevate the sport in the 80's and early 90's.But I also think he is responsible for a lot of the bad things that have happened to the sport as well.My opinion of him as a fan,is that he is a bit more devil than angel.Still,I suppose on some level I should be grateful for his contributions to the sport. :huh: Most of my favorite modern-era stars have been Canadians...Edge,Chris Jericho,Val Venis,Chris Benoit,Lance can almost tell which guy was trained in the infamous "dungeon",because they are so technically sound in the ring. I thought Kurt Angle was going to be the industry's biggest name in this new century,but unfortunately he's injury prone.Maybe Brock Lesner will suceed him,but I doubt it.I'm looking for the next big star again. As for the ladies,I really,Really wish Vince would let them be wrestlers instead of eye candy.Amy Dumas,and many of the other Diva's are sound wrestlers capable of performing near the level of the men.American women's wrestling is a joke.It shouldn't be,we have the best there are. Well,that's enough rambling for now.Hope to see a lot of replies posted on this topic.Later! :huh:
  4. Hey!I've missed everybody these past few weeks. Somebody broke into my apartment and stole my computer,my stereo,my CD collection,basically everything... But,I've managed to secure the loan of a computer from my fiance's parents,and should be back posting here tomorrow night or monday,as well as re-assuming my post as Fantasy NHL commish (in the NFL forum). So,I'll wish you all a goodmorning,and see you later!
  5. I'm starting to really,really not like you so much subcommander beavis.
  6. FANTASY NHL SCORES: (for Thursday,October 23rd,2003) Minnesota Wild 6-2 St.Louis Blues Atlanta thrashers 6-2 Boston Bruins . . . . ( ) San Jose Sharks 6-4 Winnipeg Jets Toronto Maple Leafs 5-3 Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings 9-1 Edmonton Oilers Quebec Nordiques 8-2 Phoenix Coyotes
  7. FANTASY NHL SCORES: (for Wednesday,October 22nd,2003) Atlanta Thrashers 7-2 Boston Bruins Winnipeg Jets 5-5 San Jose Sharks Anaheim Ducks 8-1 Toronto Maple Leafs Los Angeles Kings 6-2 Edmonton Oilers Quebec nordiques 5-1 Phoenix Coyotes Minnesota Wild 7-3 St.Louis Blues
  8. If the computer is for everyone to use,maybe it ought to be moved into another room,like the den or something? :blink: I'd wonder what it was he was doing on the computer that required his door to be locked.Might not be too kosher.I know,back home before I moved into my own apartment,one of my younger brothers was an Internet porn junkie.The kid was like 14-years old and was visiting all these totally gross porn sites,somehow getting around all the filters my folks would set up.Anyway,we had to move the computer from my dad's office (a fairly private room,where my brother could shut the door),to the family room,where there was usually somebody watching television,and where at any given minute somebody could come walking in or pass by and catch him browsing for porn.Also,I set up additional parental controls since I am a bit more experienced with computers than my folks.
  9. Yeah,my father takes the medication Lotrel to control his high blood pressure.Two years ago his insurance stopped paying for that drug and he was prescribed an alternative medication that did not prove as effective,so his doctor got on the phone and demanded that the insurance provider pay for my dad's prescription.They did,and he is back on his Lotrel and doing fine.
  10. I pick "Spock's Brain",too. I actually enjoyed the Space Hippies :blink:
  11. FANTASY NHL SCORES: (for Tuesday,October 21st,2003) Atlanta Thrashers 3-2 Boston Bruins San Jose Sharks 6-3 Winnipeg Jets Anaheim Ducks 6-1 Toronto Maple Leafs Los Angeles Kings 6-2 Edmonton Oilers Minnesota Wild 6-3 St.Louis Blues Quebec Nordiques 6-1 Phoenix Coyotes
  12. That's what I didn't understand about Tarquin.I mean,just ask Archer for a lift to...well,anywhere!I'm sure he would have accomodated Tarquin. But,I guess that would have messed up the rest of the show. :blink:
  13. NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise.
  14. 119-6? Your the coach of "First and Ten"?I have a team in that public league! My team are the "Gomer Pyles".We play in 2 weeks,probably with first place hanging in the balance.I'm one game up on you right now,but have a bye this Sunday.You'll probably roll over "Please Don't Hurt Me",since that clown is Oh-for-five. Why don't you ever post on the message board?I always do,but nobody else does ever!I like trash talk.Start posting,Big Red! :) By the way,in 2 weeks,your butt is Mine! Go,Gomer Pyles! :lol:
  15. Yeah.You suck pretty hard,dude!Hahahahahaha... I mean,I'm losing my game so far,too,but not 7-NOTHING! Hahahahahahaha :lol: (just joking)