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  1. I saw it on a trip to my aunts last summer. She took my cousin Alyssa, my little cousin Zoey, my Nana and myself to see it. I thought it was pretty cute. Loved Wall-e, I have a cute little poster of him with a flower that I found while working on a project for school.
  2. I saw this new one, but never the original. At least I don't think so, my mind is always in the clouds to remember alot of movie stuff. I missed some of it while I was at the theatre while I went for a refill of soda (they changed the size of a small on us at my theatre >.<) but I don't think I missed much. From what I saw it was nothing really impressive. Man comes to earth, earthling panic and he tries to kill them all then changes his mind. Smooth. At least, that's my thoughts for a summary.