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  1. First contact. I will always regret the timeline change in Star Trek 2009. It was a good movie, but not a good Star Trek movie.
  2. I so glad I had a chance to meet him. I rarely do events like these but this was a one time chance for me. I actually got to talk to him!
  3. Hey you guys wanted my review, and I warned you so live with it. I'm not here to debate Star Trek movie. Just to give my opinions on it which is what it is, my opinion. Just as all of it is yours. I just didn't like this Star Trek as everyone else did. And I'm in the entertainment business, I've watched and studied a lot of stories, movies, TV you name it, and just like every critic I have my opinions whether anyone agrees with it or not. The alternate timeline just seems too obvious, desperate cry for Hollywood to bring in an audience - in my opinion. Also if you want a new fan base, create new characters. If you want to move out of the "Parent's Basement" as Roy has so mentioned, then create new characters and don't use papa's ideas. Because like I said that would be like inability to get of the house and make a name for yourself. Anyway Star Trek was a great action sci fi movie not a great Star Trek movie, that my opinion. For new fans I'm willing to accept it, but too bad for a few of us who got robbed of already established characters that shouldn't be changed. Seriously think of all the movies you've seen, if any of those characters become out of character then the whole movie becomes awry. I've seen it happen many times before and it does lose quality. I did rate this movie a 4.
  4. Erm ok, don't say you weren't warned. The below are MY opinions so then here's my review: The Good: a) Enjoyable sci fi/action movie needed in an era where we have comic book movies stuffed down our throats. b} There was a story from beginning to end in which I didn't get lost or question why; it had great action and heroic themes. c) Amazing special effects. d) McCoy was well portrayed by Urban. The Bad: a) movie was geared more towards NONStar Trek Fans(of TOS). b} I hate it when creators/writers establish a character's life and then change the way we have come to know the characters in such a way that it throws everything out the window (especially if it's not even written by the original creators themselves). c) Anytime there is use of an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE in a story, it's almost too easy of a story to write. JJ Abrams took a well developed idea (not his own) to make money off of with little work from his part to gain an audience for him. He's not George Lucas yet the movie reminds me of Star Wars. But I'm willing to accept the change for a new audience. JJ's audience. d) Click for Spoiler: There are 2 Spocks in one timeline. This causes for a paradox that sprung up "Great Scott!" such as in Back To the Future where it is a no-no. The use of a timeline reminds me too much of LOST and it has JJ's print all over such a topic he seems to think makes great stories. Which is why I said he cheated. He should have just written A totally different new Star Trek film with totally new characters and left the TOS characters alone. Because anyone could have written this story just by using TOS characters and in any timeline they chose. At least all the other Star Treks had brand new characters in the same universe but were creatively developed into a totally unique story of their own. With this movie that part of the history was done.... just slap an action Romulan scene and bang you got a easy money-making Star Trek movie and JJ Abrams is famous. You would get plagerized if you were anyone else doing this. e) So I felt that this movie was more of a money-making machine rather than a true Star Trek Film. The TOS characters were literally "whipped up" into one spaceship where they all got promoted at once and such, and it seemed all too unrealistic for that to really happen. It is too formulated which is common with Abrams. f) Click for Spoiler: Vulcan Planet Destroyed. Ok so to me this is more like an intensifying plot line to get the actual plot going. The actual plot being how our TOS came to working and knowing each other on the Enterprise. No I didn't like Vulcan destroyed nor did I like the idea that Romulus would be destroyed in the future. But I was willing to go with the flow, but frankly, as for plot, that's it about this movie? The planets get destroyed and that's it? Nero didn't even do hand to hand combat with Kirk or any other battle. There seems to need some sort of more to it all. But there wasn't. g) A lot of the cinematic plot is like Star Wars and Abrams did say he grew up with Star Wars, but the aircraft hanger... the Sulu/Romulan fight scenes. I was waiting for the Star Wars Theme music to play or lightsabers to spring out. h) CHARACTERS Click for Spoiler: I understand Uhura's character needed to be written in the movie for to have more scene involvement but a relationship with Spock? C'mon. I leave it at that. And I guess I have watched too much Heroes, but you can see Sylar/Quinto twitches that I don't believe Spock would do.... And last but not least(if I haven't forgotten anything else), Scotty just came off as any scottish chum who worked in a basement and was no where near the Scotty in TOS. Nothing sparked for me there and he's my 2nd fave character in TOS. Watching Nimoy as Spock made me nervous. Bana's scenes looked like he filmed all his scenes in one month on an elaborate set. If you put them together he has very little parts. Well if I haven't forgotten anything else, that's my review you asked for. Like I said it was a great fun sci fi movie, just not a great Star Trek movie. The new audience will surely be lost by not appreciating the characters originally from the show in this new life cooked up for them so hopefully some would go back to watch the series. But I guess Hollywood needs money and this movie can do that as a new franchise of Star Trek movies to come just like every other movie these days. Overall I didn't like how everything is all changed now with the characters, but I am willing to go with it.
  5. My favorite has not changed since the new movie because Urban did a great job as McCoy. The only actor who did live up to any of the TOS.
  6. It's good action sci fi movie, but it reminded me too much of LOST/BackToThe Future/Star Wars. As a Star Trek movie it was bad. You don't want my review. All I have to say is, JJ cheated.
  7. Hmm I don't know. The trailer does not separate this as Star Trek movie with any other typical space action story..... If I wasn't a fan, it just looks like any other Sci Fi.
  8. Saw the trailer a few times. I'm not sure what to say about it since very few of them talk, and when they do, I'm a bit shaky especially Bones. I'm not a big fan of Abrams except for LOST, but we'll have to see now won't we.
  9. I thought Dr. Crusher was good. The Voyager EMH was interesting when he started separating himself from just being a doctor. Always enjoyed the singing on that show.
  10. Yes I was aware of this so that would explain how the young Spock appears more Vulcan than half human. I guess later on he hung around humans too much. :P
  11. I think its because young Spock is more muscular, voice is deeper, and in my opinion he talks a bit fast, and is more violent than I know our Spock to be. Guess blame that youthful green blood?
  12. Do you want signatures of all the cast members or just the cast members who are still alive. If you want all the signatures it will likely cost a fortune. If a replica prop without signatures is satisfactory, the online store at has a number of different replica props for sale - some as kits that you put together yourself and some already built. The have a built replica TOS communicator which costs $499.95 and the communicator prop kit costs $129.95. They also have a communicator prop with the stand autographed by George Takei which costs $539.95. Yes I saw a few that had costed over $1000 or more. I don't want all the signature but just the few. Thanks for the links. I will look into them.
  13. I wasn't sure where or if a topic like this has been posted. But can any of you tell or show what star trek merchandise you have purchased over the years? I have been doing a search to find any authentic items. Any one have any advice on what's good, what's crap, or where to find Star Trek Merchandise?
  14. I read somewhere JJ got all teary eyed when he saw Zachary Quinto's Spock on what of his preview screenings. So this will be interesting if the movie can get fans teary-eyed based on performance.
  15. You think so? I'm not the type to buy merchandise from movies made nowadays unless it was my absolute favorite of all time collectible. But hey I'll love to browse.
  16. Slightly is about right. Except for the Tricorder. I'm not sure if I'm too fond of that yet. It looks like my printer when I open it.
  17. Personally I have mixed feelings about JJ Abram. I never watched Alias, but am still hooked on the strange and everlasting questions of LOST. I liked MI3, but hated Cloverfield. I tried watching Fringe, but those woman screaming like there's no tomorrow couldn't make me stay to watch it. With Star Trek XI I'm a bit shaky. I saw the trailer a few times, liked it and then hmmmm.....maybe I can't get over the original crew....just love them too much for some new faces to take over....I will give them a chance, but wrong actions or words can throw the characters you remember right off....
  18. When they presented, and spoke of their roles in Star Trek, everyone was so quiet. Tough crowd.
  19. Why am I a little shaky about these items?
  20. Well if you got any you'd like to part with please let me know. I think I only have one star trek item from wayy back when. And if you also know where to get merchandise, that'll be great.
  21. That's no fair in comparing the EMH to a human. It's like saying Data is superior to Sulu (or Spock).
  22. I am looking for the Star Trek Original Series Master Replica Communicator and Starship with the cast members signatures. I am not sure what else is out there since I just started looking. But if you are willing to part with any my current interests are from the Original Series and TNG, please let me know.
  23. "He's dead Jim." "I'm a doctor not an elevator!" Bones is no.1!