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  1. what about 8472?
  2. I don't think the borg could evey be an would not make sense for them to do so
  3. yeah I didn't care for them either. That and another character are a big reason I didn't enjoy the first three seasons as much as the later seasons. The only time I found them slightly interesting was when Seska was with them...her I liked
  4. the borg queen made them much scarier
  5. of course...but usualy those aren't the people who are making a fuss about it
  6. come on, it's not like those school lunches were that expensive. when my brother was in school (more recently than I was) it was less than $10 a week
  7. well that's the question then isn't it....what does it take to take out just one borg cube? From what we've seen, it takes either technology from the future, the collected fire power of every ship in starfleet, someone who can hear the hive mind and pinpoint their weak spot, or a borg cube that was weakened to begin with are any of those things something that could be repeated on 4 more cubes? maybe one or two more I think but that's it
  8. ok, so they tested the water in Best of Both Worlds and sent one cube and it took everything the federation had and they got their butts severely kicked. The federation lost how many ships and people? and the borg only lost one cube. So they know now that one cube is tough for send five, that's it, no more federation. of course they probably just didn't consider the federation a big threat or that they had any technology the borg wanted....until Admiral Janeway kicked their butts
  9. ok then how about you pay the frakking lunch bill or make your kid a sandwich.
  10. well the borg could have assimilated everyone in the alpha quadrant if they realy wanted to. all they had to do was send a dozen ships at once. A small number for them but it would be devastating to the federation
  11. I agree, the borg were only in 7% of the show (12 episodes out of 172) that's hardly overused. The Klingons, cardassians, and romulans were far more over used than that and Voyager never actualy went up against a full size, full strength borg ship and won. The only time they wree able to do anything to a borg ship was when they went up against a small ship or an already weakened and damaged ship or they had assimilated crewmembers inside
  12. The borg queen was awesome, she made the borg great the borg of first contact and voyager were far better than the borg of TNG
  13. I'm always surprised that people dont like Q, I always thought he was popular I love him though