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  1. After watching some of the trailers and seeing some of the pictures of the upcoming movie, I can't help but to think, Spock looks like a full Vulcan rather than just half...
  2. Trivia is up, our winners are as follows: Alterego - 50 points Indy - 50 points Gul Ible - 50 points Troy - 50 points ensign beedrill - 50 points Congratulations to all that participated!
  3. The word bat'leth translates as?
  4. Benjamin Sisko and Curzon Dax first met where?
  5. Planet Romulus was located in which quadrant of the galaxy?
  6. What planet was there a Klingon outpost that was destroyed by Romulans in which the USS Enterprise NCC-1701C came to the rescue of the Klingons?
  7. What year was the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 destroyed?
  8. When assigned to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2265, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu was the head of what department?
  9. What was the name of Commander Chakotay's father?
  10. What is the Rite of Tal'oth?
  11. Quinn was originally of what race?
  12. The Barzan Wormhole led to what quadrant in the galaxy?
  13. This week's trivia questions are now being posted!
  14. This week's trivia is now closed. Congratulations to the following: David R. George III - 50 points Gul Ible - 50 points Troy - 45 points
  15. In Lieutenant Pavel Chekov's later career, he was promoted to commander and assigned first officer to what federation starship?
  16. What year was Captain James T. Kirk promoted to rear admiral?
  17. Commander Deanna Troi was genetically bonded at an early age as a Betazoid tradition to one day marry whom once reaching adulthood?
  18. Kes was abducted from the surface of her homeworld by whom?
  19. From what Native American descent did Commander Chakotay come from?
  20. What did Morath do to dishonor himself and his family?
  21. What is Sha Ka Ree?
  22. What was the name of Ambassador Sarek's human wife?
  23. Who spoke of Captain Jean-Luc Picard as having "...heart of an explorer and the soul of a poet."?
  24. What title did Quark serve as temporarily prior to owning his bar on Deep Space Nine?
  25. This week's trivia is being posted now. Enjoy!