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  1. 10,198
  2. banned for banning me for being exhausted even though you know why I am exhausted lol
  3. my 2 year old son with my 13 day old daughter.. he loves her so much gives her kisses and loves to hold her.
  4. My mother is staying with us to help with the new baby my 2 year old decided to wake her up he knocked on the door a few times when that didn't work he took his pillow put it on the floor in front of her door laid down and started kicking the door... that woke her up
  5. "Eight Easy Steps" Alanis Morissette
  6. Banned for having your mood set to working
  7. 10,182
  8. Propel water kiwi strawberry flavored
  9. I think after Picard lost his brother and nephew children appealed to him because he was the last Picard after him there would be no one to carry on the Picard name. I think deep down he always wanted kids but his career came first.
  10. Strawberry Short Cake
  11. Thanks to my son Twinkle Twinkle little star
  12. Trying to take pictures for my mom with my web cam my son did this and as you can see I am trying not to laugh
  13. careing