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  1. I heard Jonathan make remarks about the business at Vegascon, and he put it plainly to someone who was expressing an interest in getting into acting. ''Get out. NOW.'' he said. I'd read him saying that there was a 90% failure rate in an article a while back. Hollywood is a young person's market, but for certain actors, who've managed to carve out, like Patrick, a place for themselves.
  2. Nah, I'll take a pine box....
  3. I'll take the Soverign class, hands down.
  4. This is one of my favorite ENT episodes. I was very pleased to see, for one thing, the NX get some teeth in the inclusion of phtorps, and phase cannons-which hadn't been installled when the ship first lit out of spacedock. Maybe they were going to be put in Tuesday..LOL. It did make sense to wait a bit, however, and allow the progression to a better parity of offensive technology. I liked this new, mysterious race, and have toyed around with them in bringing them back in a fanfic story. They seem so very otherworldly, it feels as if they could have originated outside our universe-who's to say that couldn't be true? They've clearly gone to great lengths, given their at least outwardly-appearing fragile physiology, gone to some lengths to focus upon strong personal defense technology. And the Malcolm portion showed us that, even amongst his own family, he is something of a 'mystery man'....
  5. It couldn't have been anywhere close to the bright future he has as as a member of Starfleet. Same could be said for Rom. He ended up with Miles, and the entire crew, discovering that they had in their midst a terrific engineer..not to mention that he eventually became the Grand Nagus, and had the power to effect some positive changes from the very top of the Ferengi society...a real success story, I liked the way the writers moved things along for he and Nog. Jake, being not in Starfleet, didn't have the venue for things that the other charcters did, it appears to me, though his relationship with Ben was something the writers crafted well, and with Joseph. But, I imagine him writing at some point in his career a major nonfiction novel on the Dominion War, given his place at the heart of the conflict. I stopped keeping up with DS9 after the series ended, and I've only read three DS novels, those being the first ones, so I haven't a clue as to how any of these characters have been taken in non-canon form, other than Sisko's return, and the addition of Ro, and some new chars to the station.
  6. And, after five series, and eleven films, one can't expect to NOT encounter recurring ideas....
  7. Crap, I just had a flashback. I posted the same thing last year! Oh well....
  8. Van Roy, BTW...I wish oftentimes I WEREN'T older, believe me...especially since, also, I have less chances to repair my screwups, which have been many. But I am at least(LOL) discerning enough to agree that GALACTICA 1980 just don't cut it. The Dr. Zee thing was pushing it way too far, for one thing... I love the original(Saw Richard and Herb in Vegas) and I can't comment fairly on the new one because I've only seen the two telefilm events NBC aired a few years ago(No cable) But, I saw a clip on youtube last weekend of NUBSG, and the effects are fantastic. I am sure the quality is there in the series. I was a HUGE SW fan when the originals came out, but, never got into the newer ones as much, but I thought ''Sith'' was good. I think we'd both be shoulder to shoulder against anyone who felt SW and ST can't coexist. Anyway, back to Scott and the interview, I guess.....
  9. Okay, I'll lay my cards on the table here. Van Roy, I'm sorry. I went too far, and i've thought about it over the day, and thought I would come back, and say so. I don't consider myself a mean, or smart-mouth type, but, sometimes I have bad days, and I took things further than were necessary. So, in that light, I hope you'll accept my apology. is, as your right to look at Enterprise-or any of the shows-with a cold eye, mine to be more forgiving, or accepting. I did admit that not all the shows, IOW, were gold, and, even being 'ticked' at the time, that the show had flaws, correct? But, that said, it does polarize one's feelings, when anyone might imply my fandom is in question because I have been more accepting around the whole. That doesn't mean I will watch any old tv that comes along in general. I was channel surfing, recently, and there is this digital local channel that shows movies and old tv shows...and I cringed when they ran this eighties-looking fantasy thing called ''Mystic Warriors'. Good grief..I mean, I can look at something and tell when it's a B or C grade film. I DO NOT watch just anything. As siad, no, I haven't seen the early seasons of Enterprise, or others in a long time. No, I can't adequately comment on them on a case-by-case basis. But I think you're being too harsh, in condemning any fans that don't place as much emphasis on coldly eyeing a series, and blaming them. Look, I didn't even have a computer until 2008. I wasn't part of the fan collective until recently. The only way to voice an opinion was write a letter to say, Communicator or etc, but, I never felt moved to do so while Enterprise or any other series was on, though I have had an occaision I can think of where I strongly disagreed with a producers decision-not that it would have mattered, or changed anything. I've read all kinds of theories or explanations as to why the series tanked..writing, preemption by sports in some markets, or out and out unavailability in others, the UPN network itself-which has to me had a number of series tank, right?....I will not be blamed for, however, the series going under. I do blame myself for not writing in in '04, but, not because I didn't air complaints, or accepted what I did get. I was one year contacted by the Nielsens, which suprised the heck out of me, and in answer to such a question, I told them Enterprise was my favorite series. At least in that I feel vindication. Peace, out.
  10. If you're challenging my credentials as a fan, Van Roy, I was watching TOS before your butt was in diapers, as far as that's concerned. You little comment was insulting. Just because I don't analyze every program, does NOT take away from my love of Trek, and I urge you to do well to remember that.FINE, I overpraised. Happy? No, season one wasn't perfect, I'm sure others were not, or a gift from the gods. I don't have all the eps on tape or whatever, and it's been years since I saw them. Anything else you want me to fess up to? I liked the bloody series, period. I love the characters. If you want to critique, critique. NOONE challenges my fandom. Clear?
  11. Okay, to touch upon non-canon Jean-luc, seems there's something about he and Beverly finally getting together? Now, it would certainly be possible for Beverly to have a child-whether or not they would actually create a family is something I guess more hardcore TNG fans might better respond to, but, Wes would in that case become Jean-luc's stepson, and he already has a long history with Wes, Picard has a great deal of affection for him, and so I rather think Jean-luc would be perhaps content with that.And herein, there was the exception to the 'detached Picard' who kept all children at a distance, and was uncomfortable with them.Wes would be the son he already had. I do wonder if Picard's discomfiture had anything to do with his own father..was Picard Sr. a 'detached' parent?...I have the sense that his relationship with his mother was the opposite. 'Seeing' her in '''Where No Man..'' clearly had a powerful impact on him in that fleeting moment in the corridor.....And of course Jean-luc's aspirations seemed to create a rift of whatever degree bewteen he and his father, while Robert became the 'good, loyal son' carrying on the family tradition...and the family line. I'm an 'eternal bacheor', so I think I can identify with some of what Picard must have felt was revealed in ''Generations''...I truly can, because I often find myself thinking ''What if..'' and I have more regrets now, that I am older, and feeling in my case, that I have really burned a lot of bridges behind me.It's tough, I have to be honest. But, we all set our courses..and not always to our best interests in the end. In Picard' case, though, as said, he had something-his career-to occupy his heart, and mind..but, in the end, this legendary captain was still a man, with needs....
  12. Luckily, those who are fond of doing fanfic can easily remedy that-if one says, 'Stuff canon'. I've done that before.
  13. ...It's quite simple, really. Someone has been spreading nanoprobes that are targeted specifically to make said infected persons direct their browsers to find How do you think I got here?...Oh. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE....
  14. I have learned recently that there are worse things than humidity in the South as we here live with it each summer. Like living in a place that has NONE....
  15. This ep is one case where I, as not that often a critic in trek, have to beg off to put my two cents in. Part of it as far as I look at it, is that the finale needed to also have a 'punch' like the other series did. In TNG, DS9, and Voyage the stakes were never higher. Now, don't get me wrong, Andorian fans, I like Shran..I love his 'trading debts' with Archer and their growing friendship, that no doubt was a very long one, but, I have often felt that something bigger was needed for the end than the rescue idea. It did speak to Jon's friendship with Shran, and loyalty, which was nice, but in sending our heroes off, the stakes neede to be for ''all the marbles''. Of course, I am in no way fond of Trip's 'condition' in this last show, either. Sigh..again, commmon ENT fan sentiment, and the Riker/Troi focus as acknowledged above leeched the thing to something that's gone down like cod liver oil in STE fans throats. It's just too bad that the series hasn't gotten the respect some other Treks have.