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  1. octopus
  2. It was a close one between gabri and trektoonist, both are hilarious! But I went for the dazzler instead and that is definately Rob39874!
  3. Happy birthday!! :))

  4. Sorry, but I can't stand Harry the Potter. No original ideas I can see there.
  5. Depends...I was born and grew up in Australia, therefore speaking Hungarian I have an "english" accent, but speaking english on the other hand....I'm told I've got a brit or irish accent?!? It's funny, though, I hear that when Hollywood wants a good english-speaking actor who plays the part of a Hungarian, they usually get an irish actor!
  6. I'm a leo, and I don't think its at all silly, in the original sense of the whole thing, mind you. The basic idea was that simply by observing people over many generations, certain traits can be seen that are similar between people born at certain times. For instance: my sister is an aquarius and she has the large-is round head that is predominant amongst aquarius people, and so dose my second cousin, who is also an aquarius. Or another example is that virgo's are quite the tidy bugs (my father is a tidy nut and coincidently a virgo). I thought it was hilarious when about five years ago I read that leo's have an obsession with their hair, that they always like to call attention to themselves through it. This is funny 'cause ever since I was able to hold a comb I've done just that, good hair day, or not. I laughed for hours after reading this. The whole thing is basically a pre-science tallying of the observations of humanity's features and it can be quite interesting, provided you don't take it to extreames.
  7. 1.almond 2. yellow 3.of course, but only if I'm not too hungry and have enough time! Me likey this quiz!
  8. Yeah, what about the animated star trek? But it was a hard choice, but South Park wins by only a small margin. The Simpsons , Family Guy, Spone Bob are a close second. I started watching Sponge Bob 'cause of my 9 year old little brother, but its got us both hooked.
  9. Quote Krothos:Wish they showed a bit more of what happened after they got home. I completely agree. I loved the entire unexpectedness of whether or not they're actually gonna get home, but is was a bit too short to be satisfying. There's a poll going about the probaility of doing a Voyager movie, that could fill in a lot of gaps, I think.
  10. Hi! These are a few of my favourite bands and I thought I'd see which are the most popular with us trekkies.
  11. It was a toss between the forest and space...the forest won.
  12. I took a test on and scored as 88% federation , 75% cardassian, etc. Hmmmn, I've always thought of myself as more trill though.
  13. Hi! That's an inspired name ye got there!

  14. If it was tabby (as I told my sis) then it was already in a "state of flux" before the experiment even started, reason being that its not one colour , that is it is neither one, nor the other colour, an uncertainty that could show up in the results (therefore in my mind all possibilities where more than one colour can be scratched).