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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. When you get a chain letter that says at the bottom something like 'Send this to 15 people by midnight tonight or you will have bad luck for 7 years' do you really believe that you will get bad luck?
  3. yup nope
  4. It's walking.
  5. Superman gets turned into one. Batman gets pelted Spiderman gets some. Huey Dewey Louie
  6. My PC tried to assimilate me.
  7. ...
  8. I got 50.
  9. The Visitor. That one was remarkable.
  10. :o
  11. The only thing I find appealing is turning into a bat at will. Otherwise no thanks. I don't like sucking someones blood and turning them into a vampire or dying from sunlight. Being undead might be kinda cool though.
  12. Sounds like you had a great time there VBG. You described it very clearly too. Thanks for sharing that.
  13. I talk to my pets and make death threats to my computer.