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  1. And people keep forgetting that. Well...I think it was a good thing in the end that she turned it down as I really like Major Kira / NV on DS9.
  2. BBC News: Amy Winehouse is working on a theme song for the forthcoming James Bond film with Mark Ronson, the producer has confirmed to the BBC.
  3. Amy has definately done the Bond theme for the new film, the BBC news mentioned it the other day when she was arrested for assult...
  4. Oh that is good news! Shall look fwd to seeing her in BSG then!
  5. I am very curious to see Richard Hatch's material when he did a promotional trailer for trying to get a second season of BSG before the new series was on TV. Am not sure he is allowed to show it anymore but the photos online are interesting!
  6. This episode could have been very bad but thankfully the cast and crew pulled it off. Am sooooo glad that Kira was not made a romantic interest of Dukat's, even if it meant her mother instead. Fun watching, Cardassians-a-plenty and Dukat strutting around. All good! ;-)
  7. I recently saw Trip from Enterprise on BBC medical drama Casualty and Dianna Troi on BBC Medical drama Holby City!
  8. I just recently bought a couple of DS9 DVDs and couldn't help but try a hand at doing a video! This video was inspired by the song Poison (as performed by Tarja) and the lack of videos featuring Cardassians on Youtube! ;-) Dukat (Marc Alaimo) is one of my favourite characters so had alot of fun making it. My first attempt at a music video, not perfect but hopefully entertaining enough! Click HERE to view!
  9. Just saw those files on the UK DVDs for season 7 - the Morn one was very funny!
  10. Series 4 is continuing well... But I have just found out they are filming part of the 2008 Christmas episode in my city next week!!! David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Billie Piper on my doorstep with the Tardis and Cybermen!! Full story:
  11. I heard the same.... Looking fwd to this new Bond film!
  12. Dukat was a great character to watch in DS9 over the years - though Damar has grown on me alot more! Esp. amusing was bumping off the vorta in the transport 'accident' and then with Worf snapping the replacement's neck. Couldn't help but do a mini cheer when Damar finally dropping the drinking etc and then starts to fight back against the Dominion.
  13. Have that interview on DVD too but was fun to re-watch, Mr Combs always does very interesting interviews! A very talented actor and kind to fans...well he put up with me trying to form a sentance together at a convention last year. ;-)
  14. ha ha! amusing reminds me of the Samuel L. Jackson adverts of the past...maybe that is the idea?
  15. have recently watched Season 3 and Razor...really hoping Starbuck isn't a cylon but what a twist if she is! am glad they are not spinning the show out too long, even if it sadly won't be more than 4 seasons. i'd be worried about the storylines suffering or being dragged out.