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  1. happy birthday healer t'lynne! :D

  2. I rated it a 4. Good movie but needed a bit more 'spit and polish'... Call me an ole die-hard TOS fan but it looks like canon got shifted to a whole different universe... Click for Spoiler: The action scenes were a bit chaotic and the characterizations were a bit off (or totally off)...I did like the fact when he portrayed the horrors in space he did it with silence. Now I can see why Jim Kirk always had to get out of scrapes...
  3. yIn QaQ yInta'
  4. My aunt e-mailed me asking if I could make up a wish list over at Amazon.com :) ... a minute later another e-mail came in saying she found it... I wrote back telling her my 'lists' (well 4 for me and one for my son) had been there a while... one is for Star Trek only - so she got me "DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories : My Life and Times With a Remarkable Gentleman Actor" and I promptly started in reading it...
  5. I too, believe she is with Gene... along with De, James, Mark, and the others... Peaceful rest.
  6. 98% error of 1 mile in 310 sec.
  7. best for me was 225.4 . . . will try again later . . .
  8. More lunacy - this time by Hi-Fidelity, a Barbarshop quartet @ YouTube and
  9. You scored as a Federation You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself Federation 75% Vulcan 65% Borg 45% Cardassian 45% Romulan 45% Ferengi 25% Dominion 20% Klingon 5%
  10. *watches the queen's torso sail over her head into the Guardian* "That is going to be interesting . . ." *throws a few Targs and sehlats into the melee and watches everyone's reaction* *leaves a puddle of plomeek soup for next poster*
  11. trekiness: 130 I am ranked as a Commander . . . :blink:
  12. There is nothing wrong with having autographed pics on the wall . . . Star Trek or otherwise . . . I have had/will have my share of pics, autographed pics, posters, and bumper stickers up on my door. I was a considered a weirdo in school - I didn't need to love Star Trek to be labeled that way . . . My dear hubby is very tolerant of my hobby - I enjoy his hobby - not many girls do - I grew up with dad being a gunsmith.
  13. Been trolling (as in here fishy, fishy, fishy) over the internet and found a site with links to some lunacy (Iggy's) Like "Your starship Captain might be a Redneck if . . ." (Oh Gertrude!) Don't say I didn't warn you . . . but go here and here . . . I get goosebumps just watching it!
  14. Goody ! Now I can preserve and seal up my comic books . . . What? Yes, a grown woman still collects comic books . . . and horses (Breyer), and Hot Wheels, and Matchbox, and what ever else I get a hold of that has caught my fancy! But I draw the line at only one hubby . . .
  15. *Watches calender* I soooo want to be there !