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  1. happy birthday xquarkds9x! :D

  2. The best thing to do would be to run a GOOD firewall like Sygate Pro or ZoneAlarm PRO which would make your system a lot more secure - and better yet they would both block PORT 135 UDP which is the port those Windows Messenger spam messages come through. Or if you don't want to run a firewall (you really should though) check out this site Stop Messenger Spam
  3. Seem's to raise the system requirements of IE quite a bit from a 486 machine up to a Pentium II 400mhz just to have fancy flash skins? I think i'd stick with Mozilla for a trek skin. :)
  4. I'll agree with Vabeachguy it's a labor of love. I too run my own Invision board and I spent in total I think a months time making 8 Star Trek skins and 3 non star trek for my own forums And yeah it does help to have moderators around - takes the load off the admin. :)
  5. Funny how this comes out now so many years after Stalin's death. I'm guessing someone knew of this and decided to wait a lot of years before releasing this to the public.
  6. It will be very interesting to see what he would come up with for a show if he got the go ahead. Hopefully something more and better then what Star Trek V had turned out to be.
  7. LOL! This would be a good joke to play on a friend or relative to have him phone and say something funny.
  8. The Cage - Lord thats a old episode that brings back memories. I have to agree with you guys, if The Cage hadn't turned out the way it did we would possibly have not had Trek today the way it is. What I found interesting is how the original TOS bridge set in The Cage looked ever so more different. Those curvy snake like things they had on the bridge, I guess for communications and what not looked like it didn't fit in.
  9. I see no problem with it. Heck I have a category for Star Wars Forums on my own board that co-exist with the Star Trek Forums and it works fine. B)
  10. It's summertime - a lot of folks take time off to go camping or on vacation or whatnot. Wait until Fall and then wintertime, everyone will see more posters on a lot of forums world-wide because then it's more fun to stay indoors instead of freezing in the winter. B)