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  1. Pepsi, I needed it before I go into caffine withdrawls
  2. a Big Mac with fries and a Coke mmmm
  3. 1. I'm 6' 4" 2. I'm an author (had only one copy of my book published though B) ) 3. I am a Resident Evil hardcore fan (to the point of getting a STARS tattoo soon) 4. I used to drum 5. I airdrum to Rush all the time
  4. 75 degrees, outside though, more like 85-90, very chilly though, as I am in the basement, so it is a little bit cooler, and wearing shorts
  5. Italy 'football' T-Shirt, cargo shorts and socks
  6. It's a ver confusing situation for me. After my last girl cheated on me, I said screw it all, until I met the young lady that i'm talking to right now. But, with that said, we talk, but we aren't official...yet. As for marriage, I dunno, only time will tell, if not, it'll be just me and my V-Dubs.
  7. I don't have one at the moment, but if I were to get an Ipod, i'd have to get two, one for my whole Rush collection and the other one for whatever else I put on
  8. Star Trek VI was the fourth best for me, it had a great story line and we got to see the Excelsior in action! Whats better then that. Not only did it show the federation had it's share of turn coats but it gave a better understanding of how they (teh Federation) had stronger ties with the Klingon Gov't in the future episodes.
  9. The Gul all the way, he made Deep Space nine in some episodes. His character had such a dark background that any sort of story involving him was always awesome.
  10. I gave it a five, it was an overall great way to end Voyager. Getting to see Janeway from the future helping out her past counterpart from making a grave decision, it was just amazing. The best part was with the ablative armor, brilliant, not that it is much to get happy about, but who cares, it was a great ep.
  11. You can get lost into a world that is fun to be apart of, or you just can zone out for hours on end watching things that many people don't understand
  12. I'd push them out of the way and steal that Beetle behind them, haha.
  13. well, right now it's Captain Carrera, but I change it so often so it's always different.
  14. so, it's another example of life imitates art
  15. To me, I've always seen Spock as the emotionless alien that we've all come to know and love, but with that coming up between him and Uhura, I didn't like that one bit. Granted it was a 'new' Trek, at least keep somethings the same, but, that is just me, maybe they wanted things to show differently.