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  1. Well that sounds realistic... I think it was some typical: "lets her make a telepath - no humens aren't able to do this... lets create a new Alienspecies!" when they created TNG and the result was what we knew now as Betazoids!
  2. Bynars don't like masculine men? :-( ^^ Well I remember not very long ago my grandma thought seeing my brother and me about 10 meters away that I'm his girlfriend but... Well maybe I'm realy not the perfect Bynar... but why shouldn't there be no masculin, tall... ok that wouldn't be a bynar! :-(
  3. Ok I am reading: Star Trek: S.C.E. : Some Assembly Required 2001: A Space Odysee Dracula A briefer History of time Make it so Peace and War(some kind of long time project, some sides a month) 20 000 Miles under the sea and also: Mission to Horatius(I saw them in a comic-store and couldn't resist buy two) Ok I'm sure i reed somethink else but I can't say it now. Yes I like it too read a lot of books simultan!
  4. *lol* I'm small enough, maybe I should start considering that idea <_< Nice idea, ok I'm maybe a bit to tall but why shouldn't there be tall Bynars! So we are two who would play bynars, that's a good start to do this!
  5. Well, this species is realy very human... but I think the "Why not" by Anomaly is as good as Takara_Soongs translatortheory. Mybe there names are so complax that the Translators chance them to somethink more familiar... But: Who cares! ;-)
  6. Sure, this thing is so wonderful symmetric. I love symmetric things and this thing is perfection!
  7. So is it! One of the cutest spezies ever apeared. :-)
  8. Hmmm let me think... 1 Bynars 2 Horta 3 Sheliak 4 Cristalin Liveform flying around killin' Planets(u knew whom I mean!) 5 Borg 6 Vulcans 7 Trill 8 Cardassians 9 Talosians 10 Tholians Not in any specific order! The Numbers are just there too look good! ^^
  9. Bones! He is just the coolest Doc in Star Trek!