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  1. I can't watch it without wondering how a complete waste like Captain Harriman ever get on the bridge of the Enterprise, much less the center seat. Surely to God after the debacle with the Nexus he was courtmartialed and keelhauled..... I voted average. Not bad, but not the greatest either. Loved the main villain, loved most of the performances by the TNG regulars. Didn't mind seeing the Duras sisters again. But Kirk's death was totally meaningless, as has been pointed out. And the story itself should have been fleshed out just a little more.
  2. Oh good Lord no....... Uma Thurman I can see. Uma has a certain nobility about her that would translate well into Amanda. But Winona? Why don't they just bury Trek now and get it over with? What's next, Jack Black as Sarek?
  3. What I keep thinking about is the part of the conversation when Dog said that the family would freak if Lyssa (his daughter) dated a black guy. That and other comments blow his pathetic claims of not being a racist out of the water. Being multi-cultural, I grew up around bigots on all sides and it doesn't take much talk for me to distinguish a guy who made a bad decision in the heat of the moment, from a genuine racist. Chapman is genuine. He's sorry all right. Sorry he lost his show. Sorry he won't be making as much money. And sorry his son and Tucker's girlfriend nailed him. But sorry for saying what he said? No way. I heard Imus, too. While I think Imus is just a fool in general. His comments about Rutgers didn't strike me as truly racist. He just said something dumber than ususal. But Chapman was speaking from his heart. I'll never be convinced otherwise. I'm sick and tired of these pinheads.
  4. In my opinion, that's a blanket cop out used to excuse guys like Chapman everytime they open their big mouths and make fools of themselves. And it's exactly the reason racism is on the rise again, with nooses being hung all over the northeast and young kids gravitating toward fringe groups like the skinheads. I play HALO online, and you should see some of the names of the servers that host the games. Today alone there were servers called "Kill all Jews" and "(I'm trying to say a bad word but can't)s must die". For the most part these are young kids naming those servers. Not adults. And when we give the Duane Chapman's of the world a pass because we don't want to restrict our precious freedom of speech, then they realize they can get away with murder.
  5. I have absolutely no sympathy for Chapman. And I could care less if his privacy was invaded. I'm sick and tired of racists like him, who smile and wave at you and then call you a (I'm trying to say a bad word but can't) or a spic behind closed doors. How long do we as a society tolerate these morons? No. We make a stand and say in no uncertain terms no more. I'm glad his show was pulled. I hope he looses more, in fact. Good for Tucker Chapman. Frankly, I'm appalled at all the people making excuses for him.
  6. Shoot. Wonder if it's too late to become "Son of Koloth"? :) Current Pic of me.
  7. Ridiculous. When I have to listen to profanity-laced, misogynistic hip-hop all day long (whether blaring from the cars that pass me, or vibrating through the windows of my neighbor's house) and nothing can be done about it, but a woman can be fined for swearing at a toilet, something is seriously wrong.
  8. I saw the commercial the night before last. Looks good. I'll wait for the DVD, though. I always do.
  9. Absolutely. Do you have any idea how wealthy the House of Kor is?
  10. A pair of my favorite ratty old sweat pants, white socks and a white sleeveless undershirt.
  11. Same clothes I wore to work. Blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Minus the stupid dayglo orange Caltrans vest.
  12. Thanks.
  13. I'll cast my lot with the Q detractors. I hated the character, loved the actor. I saw no logical reason for a nigh omnipotent character like Q to waste his time with Picard and humanity. The Squire of Gothos was just a kid playing with some interesting insects he'd found, but Q was a mature member of his species. Would he really have kept coming back again and again and again, on TNG, on DS9, on Voyager...... Didn't care for him.