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  1. I resign from startrekfans.net Thinking it over, it is best just to move on and just resign. This is my last and final post.
  2. T'Pol would be my choice. First she is smart and second I do not have to worry she wants to stick her hand down my shirt.
  3. The Doctor had no rank until he had been made a Command hologram in "Workforce", but Kes and Seven also had no rank even though Janeway could've given them each field promotions based on their knowledge. I think you made a good point, though regarding O'Brien, Maybe he was the lone starfleet noncom and we were fortunate enough to have him play that role. :) Yeppers
  4. My twin, maybe at the ending of Jadzia Dax they did not know if they would bring back a Dax in season 7. But, they had to leave open the door for a new Dax in season 7, or, with the book marketing after the show. With the death of Jadzia Dax, they had to bring in a new Dax in season 7. Maybe just for one or two episodes and in a minor character, just to be in the marketing of DS9 books. Having the new Dax being male or female, it would be an idea to have a male Dax. Still, in a different time line that could have happen, the Dax was a male. The stealing of the Dax was also a male too. So, in my judgment the male Dax line was evil or could have been. In my judgment, they had to go with a female Dax in season 7, and to make sure the new Dax will be in the marketing of DS9 in the post DS9 universe they had to make her character fast and be in every episode. With only one season, it was clear Ezri Dax character was the primary character in the last season to be forced to be built.
  5. O'Brian was odd with his ranks. In a number of TNG he had the rank of Lieutenant with the rank on his uniform. But nobody called him by his rank period. Just the title of his duties. Nobody called him Lieutenant O'Brian or his NCO rank. In fact, in all of star trek O'Brian was the only and I am talking about the only cast member with an active NCO rank. Always was questioning that, as everyone had a rank of Ensign or above. Look at Voyager, the NCO were just the background players and nothing more. Maybe they needed a NCO and oh ya O'Brain play this part.
  6. J We all have to die, and it was a simple way to make an exit for her. Sure they wanted someone to come on the show as the new Dax in season 7 so they had to kill her off. It would be complex to bring in a new joined trill without Jadzia's death
  7. His voice was great :)
  8. Not going to say what I think
  9. We are in agreement :)
  10. That would be like me having lesbian sex with my cyber twin .......... That would be like Ezri Dax and Ezri from the mirror universe having lesbian sex .......... Just a little too weird ......... right my cyber twin Jadziaezri
  11. LOL, I recall little of it but it was cool.
  12. I see you do dig up old topics.
  13. If I was going to make a 7 of 9 epi in a holodeck, I would make 7 of 9 confront herself as a copy of herself as 7 of 9. I do not think she would get along with herself, and then she would find out she is lacking in social skills.