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  1. I like stargate and as soon as i have finished off my Enterprise collection (season 4 to go) ill start buying Stargate DVD's once every 2 months with TNG or Voy in between.
  2. I really liked Enterprise but I have to disagree that it is the best trek since TNG. DS9 will always be the number 1 trek for me. The dominion war was beutifully done nad will always hold a special place in my heart.
  3. So far I have None, Once i have finished my TNG nad Voy collection ill start on my TOS collection.
  4. Still own all 10 but now i ahve the first 3 as special edition as well
  5. Well it apears that i have been comeing hear and posting a fare bit latly so it apears that i have come back.
  6. This was a great episode. Might watch it again tonight once i get home from work.
  7. "Fly Me to the Moon"
  8. Happy Birthday Mr Darren
  9. Port and Lemonade
  10. Black trousers, Blue shirt and black Fleece with a single red lin on the right hand side
  11. Nah wasnt to bad, Roads were not closed for long adn im still alive and kicking. (Its only a few miles from where i live) heard the explosion last night or at least a large rummbling noise. And only 2 injuryes which were minor.
  12. Cant wait, Gonna try adn get some free time to join in Trivia now.
  13. WEll I dont post for a few reasons, 1 Is that im addicted to a game called Worl of Warcraft, 2nd is that ive been rather busy latly and 3rd is that theres not really anyhint new so theres not as much point in comining anymore. Ive been hear for so long most topics that are poping up have already been seen or just doesnt intrest me.
  14. Ill be taking one with me to work, And ill get as many ppl at work to bring one as possible.
  15. Port and Lemonade.