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    Star Trek, cooking, and my wife.... I'm not tellin' our names! :-)
  1. Football. Why ? Because I Like it.
  2. He got caught who cares how many weren't that are in the hall of fame.
  3. LORE Rocks!!!! He is the better of the Sons Soong he has a personality!
  4. I would set it up to learn how to play guitar From all the Greats. Van Halen , hendrix, bb king etc..
  5. Every one except Data, his positronic brain has been atomised so thus he is dead but i think Laforge will work with B4 to fill his spot.
  6. Thanks this Is a great thing your doing for your crew it will helps all greatly.
  7. Tell Me why. I'm just wondering.
  8. Me I Took Latin My Wife took ASL
  9. Chic-fil-a is my chicken of choice