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    I like a good deal of sports such as:<br>tennis (Mostly with my friends Sarah and Mike)<br>cycling (Mostly for transportation)<br>Jiu Jitsu (A great all round martial art. I'm a yellow belt)<br>Lifting weights<br>and roller blading (I'm not good but I like a challenge)<br><br>I'm taking Police Foundations in college (it's a good course)<br>I'm also taking a course at the Y to become a personal trainer for volunteer purposes.<br><br>I also like to read. Most books I read are Star Trek based, but not all. <br><br>I like videogames. My favorites are the Resident Evil games. Especially the remake of the 1st game.<br><br>Hanging with friends is a must! <br><br>And the obvious.... Star Trek.
  1. Good day all! I had to sop by to comment. I was shocked to see you all disliked the episode so much. I think you've all missed the point of it. Click For Spoiler Terra Prime was a great episode with lots of action. It was exciting. The finale doesn't need to be exciting. Exciting episodes are great the first time you watch them, but after that, they lose their excitement because you know exactly what is going to happen. So what the finale needed to do was lend significance to Enterprise within the Star Trek universe. And it did that spectacularly! It shows that the Enterprise crew is not forgotten in history as Riker draws from them for inspiration. As for Trip - he knew that Archer was too important. He realized the importance of a Federation of Planets. The loss of the most prominent person in the negotiations could have endangered that dream for the future. Trip had to ensure Archer's survival. He could have fought them hand to hand, but if he failed the enemies would have returned to Archer and killed him. Trip had to be sure. His sacrifice was made to ensure that the Federation would be born. That's what Star Trek has always been about!!! And Trip was key to it. That makes his contribution extremely significant, not just to Enterprise, but to all of the Star Treks. In conclusion, showing that Enterprise crews from the future are inspired by the NX-01 Enteprise, and Trips sacrfice to the future, lend significance to Enterprise, by intertwineing it with all of Star Trek. It's ending has importance to Star Trek, rather than, merely excite the audience. Voyager's conclusion was merely just a roller coaster ride. So was TNG's all good things. What was so special about that episode? Did it tie up lose ends at all? No. But people loved it because it was exciting. Did it lend significance to TNG. Not at all. And it didn't matter because DS9 was in production - DS9 continued the significance of TNG. Enterprise isn't being followed by another Star Trek series. Thus, the last episode couldn't just be a thrilling episode like Terra Prime. This episode did it's job at making Enterprise MATTER! This was a fantastic finale. 10 out of 10. Enough said.
  2. This comes down to quality over quantity. Anybody can do school work all year round. Even a child of normal intelligence who recieves regular work could work all year round if made to. Honors students should be able to do more challenging work. If they can do harder work that should be enough. School during the summer is just more, and not harder. That just proves that they spend more time on school than the average person, not that they are academically smarter than the average person. So I agree with this kid. If he can take on harder work, that should be enough to say "Hey, I'm gifted in my abilities at school so I deserve credit in the form of recognition".
  3. Well I couldn't make it here to make the posting, so no Fenriz, you're not stepping on my toes... afterall, someone needed to make the poll! Thanks! The episode was much better than the second... of course, missing the first I was lost in the second one. By the 3rd one I had a good idea of what was going on so that probably skewed my enjoyment. I might rate this episode an 8, but until I see part one I will refrain from an official vote. Did anyone notice: Click For Spoiler -The Vulcan armada was stationed at Regulus. The home of the Regulan Blood Worm.-Archer made a comment about "The Good of the Many" -The Romulan seen at the end of the episode sounded VERY much like FUTURE GUY!
  4. The ACTUAL Kirk! Here's how: Sometime in the future (perhaps the 29th century or later) a Starfleet science vessel uses technology to pull "echo's" from the Nexus into real time. This will allow the echo of Kirk to enter reality. But something goes wrong and the energy of the Nexus is randomly dispersed throughout the galaxy (and time!!) Kirk then appears on Enterprise. And later someone from the Future arrives to tell Kirk what has happened and thus we learn that the dispersal was not random, but rather, the echo's in the Nexus had a choice to go wherever they unconsciously wanted. In Kirk's case, he had always wanted to meet the crew of the first Enterprise, so when the Nexus was temporally dispersed, he found himself on Enterprise by surprise. Now that he is in normal time, to his horror, he actually has the memories of helping Picard and dying. In other words, he is the real kirk. His continued existence takes place after his death relative to him, but before his death relative to the direction of time. Good way to bring him back, no? Sure, Guinan did say that echo's can't leave the Nexus, but maybe she meant naturally and didn't realize that technology could one day make it possible!
  5. I am NOT HAPPY with the Vulcans. Ever since T'Pol started showing emotion last season we haven't seen ONE stoic Vulcan. Even the most rigid, stoic ones are all emotional now. Well gee, ain't that fantastic. Now we have two Earth's... one with round eared folk and one with pointed eared folk and stupid haircuts. Everybody is just plain out of character. Soval was completely rigid and boom... guess what... it was a SCAM! Most of the Vulcan's as of late show MORE emotion than the humans. Hoshi was well controlled even when she used by the Xindi. T'Pol can't keep from crying in EVERY damned episode. Sure, her case is different. But now it's like all of them are about to do the same freakin thing. Makes me angry. I don't even feel like I'm watching Vulcan's... The episode plot itself was fantastic... but we NEED at least SOME NORMAL vulcan's that are controlled at least a TINY bit more than the average human. If I had to rate this now... I'd give it a 5. But because I missed last weeks episode I will refrain from rating the episode and the next for now. I need to be able to put the episode in FULL context.
  6. Let's get one thing straight! Enterprise has ALWAYS BEEN TOS-ISH! You've merely forgotten! Archer's uniform is YELLOW not red Hoshi has an EARPIECE Phasers are shaped like PISTOLS The warp core is HORIZONTAL There are NO forcefields in the corridors It has always been reminicient of Tos. A few new, and very MINOR, details have clouded your memories. You need a good Vulcan mind meld. Of futher note: -The triangular screen was also seen in Home in the debreifing room. -Purple walls were seen on Cold Station 12 just like half the sets of the original. -and don't tell me the new blue doors on Enterprise make it more tos like. All Star Treks to date have used MANY different color variations for their doors.
  7. Well, I'm gonna be absolutley lost tonight. I missed the first part last week. First time I've ever missed an episode of Enterprise. I feel rather defeated. Oh well. I hope the first part was great for everyone! Hope tonights is great too! (of course) Enjoy!
  8. Oh look at that! I forgot to set up my post. I rushed off to a ladie friends birthday. I didn't even tape Enterprise. Good thing I can still catch it on Sunday. No big deal. Now, before I go to bed after working the graveyard shift I have to say good job to Jeanway. She kept to the "format" and everything! Great stuff! Hope the show was good... I'll rate it later obviously.
  9. OH BOY! Here it is! The Augments! That should say enough! Enjoy the show! MY REVIEW: Click For Spoiler Part 1 was merely introductory. The 2nd shone brightly. The 3rd was the predictable conclusion set up by number 2. Therefore, I'm not impressed by this part. 2 was absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately, this episode's plot was set up in part 2 and followed through without any surprises what so ever. The endings to most Enterprise episodes are not surprising. They haven't been surprising in Star Trek (in general) since DS9. Now I'm not sayin the episode wasn't good. I did enjoy it, but I felt that part 2 was more intense and unpredicatble. And that's exactly what a climax should be. In other words, the climax came to soon leaving the last part feeling rather empty. As VBG mentions in a post a few down, Enterprise ought to do more adventuring, and focus less on the special effects. We had more than enough of those in last season. From now on, I just want them to SUPPLEMENT the show. Sadly, that's the problem with all video entertainment these days. Take for example the 2nd and 3rd matrix films. Nothing but special effects. But I digress... MY RATING: Click For Spoiler 7 OF 10. "The Augments" didn't feel like a climax, and as the last part, it should have.
  10. 2 Episodes do not count as 2 hours worth, because if you eliminate the commercials it's only about 84 minutes. So a three episode is more like a traditional movie.
  11. Cold Station 12, part 2 of the 3 part epic with BRENT SPINER as Dr. Soong - the evil and very likable one. Last week was a very interesting episode due to the array of characters. Like the season opener, it can only get better as it moves on to tonight's part' and hopefully; even better next week. I just can't wait to see how Brent will add to the legacy that is Data and his families history! This saga is a must see for Enterprise watchers and non-watchers alike! Bring on the fun Enterprise, and bring on the ratings Startrekfan's members! MY REVIEW: Click For Spoiler The first part, "Borderland" left some to be desired. But it was merely the introduction to the characters. Things got spicy this time around! I'm loving the character dynamics, as they are very complicated. For example: Malik is trying to assert dominance over his "father", Soong is trying to maintain control of Malik, the augments seem inclined to follow Soong but also have to listen to Malik, Malik's girlfriend challenges him about his ideas regarding Soong, the lies and deception, the killing of people who do not agree, the attempts to preserve life by Soong. Etc, Etc. There's just so much there to make the scenes so intense. Action alone does nothing. It's the effect the action has on the characters that makes it interesting. Enterprise needed this! I was on my seat the whole time. Especially with the Cold Station 12 scenes. The torture and murder scenes were very powerful. I am very happy how these episodes are turning out. For the sheer intensity I haven't felt in a very long time I will have to give the episode a good rating... MY RATING: Click For Spoiler 10 DID ANYONE NOTICE: Click For Spoiler The doorways and bridge railings aboard Enterprise are BLUE rather than their usual metallic color! Personally, I like it! Not because it's better, but because it's a change. The transporter room, as mentioned, has also changed. A little over the top IMO. Other than the Starfleet pips, T'Pol's uniform has also changed. It has blue stripes along the top that move from the neck out to the shoulders. I presume these are the science colors that you would see on a standard uniform.
  12. Hey fellow fans! Last week there was a new twist on the spoilers. This caused some controversy, so for the time being, or possibly forever, the spoilers will be used as NORMAL! I know, I know... when will I make up my mind. However, in fairness please try not to talk of upcoming episodes in this topic thread - as that was the only reason for the spoiler twist last week. I believe there is a topic specifically for upcoming episode spoilers, so try that out if your itching to gossip about Enterprise's future! Sound fair? I hope so! Okay, nuff said. Now go watch Enterprise when it comes on. And watch it for the both of us, cause I have a bday AND a Halloween party to go to. Oh the sadness of having to socialize in the stead of Star Trek. Tear.
  13. The poll for last episode of Enterprise, "Home", had a new difference. Spoilers were to be used for only UPCOMING EPISODES, and not the episode being reviewed. The concern was that a spoiler could contain topic matter (info from the episode "Home") or info from UPCOMING episodes. Most people who read the review topic have SEEN the episode and thus go there to read reviews of that episode and don't want to be spoiled on upcoming episodes. When spoilers are used for everything, you CAN'T tell the difference between the two. For example, consider the following mock posts and pretend you are attempting to read reviews of the episode "Home" and that you do not want to be spoiled on any upcoming episode such as "Borderland" WARNING, one of these spoilers contains a REAL SPOILER OF THE UPCOMING EPISODE "BORDERLAND." The remaining ones are short reviews of mine regarding "Home". POST 1: Click For Spoiler "Home" was a nice change of pace for Enterprise - 9.5 POST 2: Click For Spoiler I liked T'Pols turn towards logic in this episode. I almost wanna give it 10 but I give it 9.5! POST 3: Click For Spoiler I give "Home" 9.5 of 10. It had very believable character interaction POST 4: Click For Spoiler In "Borderland" Brent Spiner plays a villain, not a friend. POST 5: Click For Spoiler I thought "Home" a great episode and deserved a 9.5. So, did you know which spoiler would spoil you and which one would not? In fact, I'm betting you were scared to even click on the spoilers so that you would not reveal something about "Borderland" to yourself. This is how I feel when I'm trying to read reviews. If everything has a spoiler on it, how does one know what information is and isn't a spoiler? So what are your thoughts or ideas on this?
  14. So there IS a reduced budget! I had a feeling cause I've noticed that scenes have been lacking in detail. All the Vulcan outfits and sets were rather plain... and so is the CG. That bums me out. Last season Enterprise looked more like a movie, not a tv show. Dang.
  15. Just to let you know lakegenie, there is always a dedicated topic for what you thought of each new episode. (I make them) They are titled How Would You Rate "episode name"? For example. This week it would have been titled How Would You Rate "Home"? So look for those topics. They are polls so you can also RATE the episode too! See ya!