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    Reading, travelling. All kind of music, depending on my mood, but no Techno, Hip-hop and music like this
  1. Season 1 is my all time favourite season. I loved the spirit of exploring and the camaderie. Season 2 was mainly good as well. Season 3 had many very good eps - very typical Star Trek eps like Extinction, Similitude, The Shipment, Chosen Realm. But there were also eps which were so un-trekish that I cannot stand them like The Damage, Azati Prime and Stratagem. Season 4 IMHO was a sci-fi show but no Trek. But I could have lived with that as well if only ENT would have gone on.
  2. Sorry, read the guidelines too late
  3. Still loves the old version By the way, have you heard the "test" theme published some time ago using "Archer's theme" and having Scott Bakula say the famous words "these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise"? That's terrific. (Great to hear but IMO no option as a theme)
  4. (What a funny ep! I do love it. I've watched it so often, I can't count how often. It always makes me smile.) Cancel that - I should have read the guidelines first - sorry
  5. Do you still need an UT? Or are your Klingon language skills quite good? Find out here: The Internet site of the international German radio station "Deutsche Welle" offers now among lots of other languages Klingon as well. Check out and have fun
  6. Awesome pics you all are having. I've the same as VBG.
  7. Female It's a good mix here, isn't it?
  8. No, it's definitely amazing!!! I do appreciate it!!
  9. Speaking of hairy chests.... Lol Of course I've voted for "MY" fav hairy chest. I don't think I have to point out who this might be
  10. Normally I wouldn't have bought one. But I got one as a Christmas gift from a very special friend. Guess which one.... Okay, that isn't that difficult. She knows me too and presented me "Archer". Now I'm quite happy with "MY" captain on the shelf. In the meantime (it was a perfect birthday gift) I've the Archer toy in the EV suit as well.
  11. My proposal is a cheap one: Create your own Look for a picture you like in the internet / or create your own if you can handle a program like Photoshop or Uled - print it - and bring it to a copy shop wo burns it onto a shirt. I've done this several times and love my unique shirts
  12. I absolutely agree. The pioneering spirit was what attracted me. I miss this too. This and the friendship between the characters. How much I missed this became clear to me when noticing how excited I reacted watching the "captain's mess scene" in Zero Hour. I agree the drug addiction IS annoying.
  13. Probably not at him LOL
  14. Couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!! The Andorians are fascinating!!! I do love Shran! And the antenae make me laugh all the times!
  15. I also voted YES but not TNG. Since there were so many great ST movies I would miss ST on the big screen. As to me the storylines of VOY and DS9 have been completed. As much as I would like to see them in the movies I cannot believe it will happen. Why not start with something completely new?