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  1. happy birthday! :D

  2. I must say, I was not alive or at least not long enough to know of him during his presidency, and I did really learn a lot about him, but I do know that he was a president, and I knew he was an actor, I did not know he had Alzheimer's but I knew he had some terminal illness. That is all I need to honor him him, that is all I need to give him the most respect I have. On top of that I now know of what he did, and what he accomplished, I now know that there is not enough pride in the world to have for him, it is overflowing for me. I feel he was an important part in changing the world, changing the world for better. He truly was, an American Hero. May he truly Rest in Peace. God Bless his great, wonderful soul. I've grown to like Swish and I made a tribute to him using the images in the orignal post.
  3. I chose other, you can not beat being on Earth, it is, after all, the best. It is the real home.
  4. I tend to be open about Star Trek where ever I go. If someone were to see me reading a ST book, I wouldn't turn it away quickly. I am sort of an outsider except in band because I'm smart. I'm in a small school, so a lot of people know me. The librarian and my old neighbor is a big Star Trek fan too so she is basically my only Star Trek friend I know. I wear my Star Trek shirt whenever it is washed and I feel like it. So I can be called an open trekkie. Live Long and Processed
  5. I've made a little story for this happening. Here it is: The Captain walked into the Mess Hall and saw everyone standing there and the sad looks. He slowly made his way to the center. He had prepared a speech for the memorial and he then read that speech: Our days in this universe are numbered, that is a fact, and we may not know everything in the book, but we do use our time wisely. We don’t lose a single second; always our time is being filled with fun, sadness, happiness, mourning, or seriousness. I feel that Crewman Cutler had a very special place in our hearts, and in our minds. She always brought happiness to everyone, and her curiosity was her most admirable quality. I had many times, seen her walking down the halls, and I would see her smile that would just cheer me up. Her family and friends on earth new her well and I feel we got to know her too, but maybe there was something about her we did not know, maybe there was a part of her life not explored, maybe, but now, I feel pain at any chances of those parts being lost. Perhaps, just maybe, she’s looking down on us, from, oh, who knows where, and guarding us. Maybe she’s not, but I do know she will be in our hearts forever. May Elizabeth Cutler's name be remembered always for who she was. May she rest in peace. Archer stepped back and signaled to the whistler and he sounded off. He watched as Cutler’s makeshift coffin, converted from a torpedo module, went out adrift into space, he would always remember her, it had pained him to lose a crew member. He slowly turned around and walked out of the Mess Hall, not looking back. In Memory of Kellie Waymire 1967-2003
  6. Rumor is the key word here. Who would leave such a career boost, I mean come on, it just wouldn't make any sense.
  7. Go 'Year of Hell', both parts, all the way!!!!
  8. Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was totally cool. I love it and I can't wait til next week.
  9. I for one thought that Tuvok's best episode had to be Riddles. It showed how much the friendship between Neelix and Tuvok could grow, it also showed that there was more in Tuvok just waiting to be released.
  10. Well I loved the episode, it is my all time favorite Star Trek episode. Also, let's just say that time, in and around itself can be pretty confusing and I'll say this as well and you listen good, There's no time like the present. So just.....forget about it. It's better if you just ignore it.
  11. I went to my one and only convention(I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend) and I met Garrett Wong ie Harry Kim, Kate Mulgrew was supposed to come, but she had a family emergency, I think her Aunt died, and she couldn't make it, it was a blast anyway, and I met Alice Krige/The Borg Queen for First Contact and VOY episode Endgame, I practically became best friends with her, I kept on forgetting my camera, but I got a picture and I was so happy, I got autographs both from Wong and Krige, it was great, I can't wait till this weekend . YAY.
  12. I voted for Hoshi, she is very hot and I think that T'Pol's being a Vulcan diffuses it all for her, even if you were talking actresses and not characters I would go with Hoshi/Linda Park.
  13. My Fox station shows it weeknights at 11 and not everywhere is it on UPN for example, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Fox station isn't even affiliated with the UPN station.
  14. I think.....The Future's End and The Year of Hell, max out on action and logic and morals for me and The Future's End really was a race to save the Federation and the timeline, cause even if Henry Starling hadn't gone through the rift, there would most likely be no Starfleet or Federation. In The Year of Hell, I look at it and it shows that the determination of the crew runs deep, and that they would risk their lives and there ship, just to stop one ship, knowing full well that they would probably not ever see home again. Those two really were cool, and I can't wait for the DVDs on Voyager.
  15. I really loved Threshold, I thought that it showed his real need to be the showman and also his real skills as a pilot. Plus it's kind of funny at the end.