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  1. Well, Spock is cool, but I dont like him that much is cause he is too smart.
  2. Well, I think it was a good idea to switch them. Because I do not think Tasha would of been suited as a good councelor.... it suted Deanna better.
  3. Very good. :P
  4. I dont care if someoe would order me to my death, but I'd never be able to actually order someone else to their death.
  5. I think its Geordi and Data.
  6. Lol. Well, I think its Shinzon, but he was not their. :P
  7. I am kinda sad! Their was probally people ( Saddam's family) that are devistated. Death is wrong, no matter who they are or for whatever reason. But I can see how this is good. :(
  8. Hello. Who do you think is hotter Picard or Riker? Why? I like Picard cause he is older. His eyes are awsome, and his British accent rockz.
  9. I like the Betazoids....
  10. I like Star Trek The Next Generation cause of my one true love true loves Picard and Riker. ( Cant choose between them)
  11. I voted for Alter Ego.
  12. I voted for Investigations.
  13. I voted for the raven
  14. I voted for Alice
  15. Season 1: The Big Good-Bye and Consparicy Season 2: Q Who Season 3: Offspring Season 4: Data's Day Season 5: Innerlight Season 6: Chain Of Command Season 7: All good things, Eyes of the beholder, Journeys End, and Force of Nature.