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  1. The character did nothing for me. I didn't love or hate him. He was there and played a minor role in the film. I think his outbursts of eccentricity could be compared to Jar Jar Binks in relation to its distraction from the plot. I personally didn't like or dislike Jar Jar either, just calling it like I see it. Both he and Jar Jar are also similar in that they both have detractors that may not understand that these characters serve a point in the overall plot of their respective films. Love them or hate them that is their purpose. If the character returns, he could be good if the writers gave him a better spot rather than him being solely Scotty's exotic sidekick. Btw, does anyone know what species Keenser belongs to? Just wondering. Thanks. :)
  2. Your very welcome. :)
  3. It looks blue to me.
  4. Gotta go with Nancy Drew. :)
  5. popcorn
  6. I would say based on what I observed in ST Generations that Picard had a strong desire to have a full family life that included children via the nexus. Imo, he chose a life in starfleet because he wanted to explore and he felt that his family line would continue through his nephew...until he perished in a tragic fire also in Generations. In the end though whichever way anybody votes on this one thing is certain; his crew became his family.
  7. Shatner is still the man, imo.
  8. Besides Major Hayes, Admiral Forrest was my next fave character on ENT. Unfortunately, just like Major Hayes; Admiral Forrest died a rather sudden and needless death. The one part of the scene that I did like was Admiral Forrest asking Soval if Vulcans were afraid of humans and why? Soval's answer really put a light on how fast humanity developed as compared to the Vulcans. It was a neat sidenote to Human/Vulcan relations. Just a shame that Forrest got killed. At least we got to see him make a return in the mirror universe....only to get killed again.....
  9. I gotta say Kes. I always like shows that featured her character and it was a shame that the VOY staff couldn't do more with her character.
  10. At this moment, I'm enjoying DS9 more than ever. Still a big TOS fan though too.
  11. Seven of Nine. I have always preferred blondes.
  12. Cherry slushie is my choice.
  13. Just got back from church and a long day at the office. Now, I'm sitting back and enjoying an ice-cold coke.
  14. Mostly SG: Atlantis, but I recently purchased the entire series of Babylon 5. I have enjoyed re-watching many of the eps that I originally saw in high school as part of the now defunct 'Action-Pack' weekend. Fifteen years later, this series is still ahead of its time, imo.
  15. Very stunning, Empress. As always you look exquisite.
  16. Greetings, my friend. How is life treating you??

  17. What a great show. I have fond memories of watching it as a child and also watching it with my own children. Congrats on 40 years!!!
  18. It is always very sad to see someone so young die. My condolences and prayers are with his family as they struggle to get through this difficult time. RIP.
  20. Lol! Only loyal Cardassians made this party.... maybe a pair of Orion females, but that comes with the territory, right? :)
  21. My fave is lemon. :)
  22. No,but I'll probably buy one in the not so distant future. :)
  23. Thanks a million!!! Its been an excellent ride today. :)