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  1. I like both of these guys and the characters of Kirk and Sulu. I probably will buy the book because it is bound to be a fun read. I kind of like the feud they have, but at the end of the day they also seem to mention how much they respect the others acting abilities.
  2. RIP Charles Napier. Thanks for the memories from two fun and memorable eps.
  3. Its good to see Sulu in some tv roles. If i recall, he played Akira and other voice roles on The Simpsons.
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
  5. Happy Belated Birthday Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
  6. I always thought that killing off Jadzia was a bad idea. Ezri was a decent character in her own right, but for me Jadzia was a more interesting character. I remember seeing Dukat snuff her and thinking to myself "Why did they write that into the script?"
  7. ^I like the comparison. Kudos!!
  8. Actually, this is kind of an interesting statement by Abrams. I recall reading in one of the star trek paperbacks (can't recall the name of it) that Lt. Hawk from ST:First Contact was gay. There was some type of conflict regarding Picard and Hawk's surviving partner in that book.
  9. I liked this one primarily because it was a different type of ep for the Trek universe. Overall , Kira's devotion to her friend Sisko makes it worth multiple viewings. I gave it a 5.
  10. A Shatner clone? I like it.
  11. I always liked this ep. Like most of TAS it is entertaining and it allowed for the franchise to develop stories that the tv f/x limitations of the time didn't normally allow.
  12. A very good ep. I rated it a 4. I liked the concept re: crime and punishment and it showcased some of O'Brien's best acting in the series.
  13. Mr. Takei makes a valid point. I think that these new films based on Star Trek should be given a designation to differentiate them from the original trek.
  14. Yeah, I think you may be right here. Move Along Home was the ep I was thinking of. "If Wishes Were Horses" wasn't that bad or good either. Kind of a mediocre ep. Thanks for clarifying that. I guess I have absent far too long on these boards.
  15. Train - "Marry Me"
  16. I think that the advantage of the animated series was that they weren't as constrained with f/x issues as TOS was. I also think that the giant tribbles were a good way to show how this was accomplished more easily on TAS.
  17. Seen them all. I have the collection on dvd.
  18. Whether is was an oversight or a budgetary issue this was an ep so good that it rivals "City on the Edge of Forever" as the best TOS ep of all time.
  19. One of my fave eps of TOS. It is truly a classic.
  20. The Lights from the aptly named "Lights of Zetar". Lets face it, they wipe out a Federation facility and nearly screw up Scotty's love life. Whats worse than that?
  21. Korob.....because he got to live in that castle on Pyris VII with Sylvia (Catspaw).
  22. It definitely was one of the best. I rank it among my top ten fave TOS eps.
  23. Cyrano Jones was my choice. I just found him to be more likeable....maybe it has something to do with the "tranquilizing effects" of Tribbles.
  24. It was a fun ep to watch. We get to see Spock use mental telepathy again ( I think the first time was in 'A Taste of Armageddon'). Plus the ideas of liberty and freedom are universal. Neat way to convey that message imo.
  25. This was a fun ep to watch. It had the guy that played Captain Kangaroo as the Troyian ambassador and it was neat to see Kirk and Elaan go from hating each other to falling in love with each other. The intrigue was good too. But, what i really liked was when Elaan threw a knife at Captain Kirk and you can see the string it is attached to as it flies towards him.