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  1. Its always so sad to hear of the passing of a person whose contributions in this world have touched the hearts and minds of countless others. My condolences to his family and his fans - his legacy will LLAP.
  2. Justin Lin is a superb choice. He will helm Star Trek back to greatness ( yes, it can get better than the last film).
  3. Welcome REDWARF!!!! How long have you been speaking Klingonese?
  4. RIP Arlene Martel.
  5. I thought a good relationship that just didn't get the attention it should have gotten was Trip and that strikingly attractive MACO played by Noa Tishby. Yes, probably the Trip/T'Pol romance killed that, but it seemed like it still could have been developed into something more.
  6. What was it about Voyager that you found likeable enough to consider it your second fave series? I was able to watch most all of it from the beginning. TNG, Enterprise, DS9, were shown on Saturdays were I live and I worked Saturdays. So I never really got into say a flow with them. Ok. I hear you. Where I live every trek show was re-played every saturday afternoon starting with re-runs of TOS and TNG and then progressing to the new eps of DS9 and VOY. By the time ENT rolled around this stopped. Sundays were Xena, Hercules, Kung Fu the Legend Continues and Babylon 5. I really miss those days.
  7. I would have gone with one of the ladies from Mob Wives. If they can't solve an issue they probably know someone who can.
  8. ^ No arguments here.
  9. What was it about Voyager that you found likeable enough to consider it your second fave series?
  10. I think that one of the worst things about VOY was the bad writing. This series had the potential to re-energize the Star Trek franchise but fell far short due to its inept writing. For example, the Maquis/Federation tension was never full realized and after a handful of episodes their really wasn't that much of a difference between these two opposing groups. Notwithstanding the 1st season finale Learning Curve, in which there are only a handful of former Maquis whimpering about their lot in life, there just wasn't a full realization of a dynamic that could have been better realized had the writers and producers attempted to make more of this unique situation. Even, second season attempts at having former crewman Seska (now proven to be a Cardassian) still fell short after her untimely death and the unresolved question as to what happened to her child. Furthermore, it was never developed as to how Culluh reacted to finding out that he was the father of the baby or if he ever really knew? Again, the writing did nothing to flesh this out. All we are left with is a beaten Culluh snatching a baby and running to the rescue pods- never to be heard from again. Not surprising considering the writing... I think that a big casualty of the writers failing this show is proven in the lack of development that Kes was seemingly a victim of. She had an interesting backstory: her species only lives 9 years, was involved with Neelix, and developed neat telekinetic abilities. She also had some good episodic moments (E.G. "Warlord") The way she was written out was just further proof of the bad writing and character development prevalent throughout the shows run, but what really takes the cake here is the horrendous episode in which she returns;subsequently vengeful and hate filled. Seriously, this is how they decide to bring her back and then get rid of her ....again? As bad as the initial departure was, her swan song was even more unthinkable and unfortunate for both fans of the show and for fans of Kes in particular. The bad writing was evident in painting Janeway as being almost too nice to command a ship - she couldv'e been bettter developed and more reminiscent of another Starfleet Captain (I think we know which one). Chakotay should have been in more episodes, not just as a character that extolled the virtues of nature. Torres could have been more like the Klingon half she bragged about, but came across like an angry teenager having a hissy fit. Paris, had a cool backstory and had his moments, but alas the writers took a 'bad boy' and made him into a second rate character by season 4. Tuvok was good, but again lacked development and came across more human than even Paris. The best characters on this show: 7 of 9, The Doctor, and Neelix were involved in some of the best eps of the show, but often took a backseat to the rest of the main cast- The Doctor was consistently being berated, 7 was stuck in astrometrics, and Neelix became the ships cook...until he left the ship for a Talaxian colony a couple of eps before the Voyager found their way home. With such evidence of bad development, it becomes apparent that the only reason that VOY enjoyed seven seasons was due to a loyal fan base that was undeserved in retrospect. The worst thing about Voyager (other than its lack of writing and development ) is that it serves as a reminder for what not to do with a Star Trek series.
  11. This sounds promising. The inclusion of deleted scenes make it worth a look.
  12. It was an ok flick. Not the blockbuster that my friends made it out to be.
  13. Welcome Aboard!
  14. StarTrekFans is not just a great site, it is the best site, IMO.
  15. Diet Coke with lime.
  16. I thought this was a great ep at the time it was broadcast and consider it to be wonderfully acted. In light of the release of ST:Into Darkness, this ep showed the potential of having a group of 'augments' on the loose. These augments are mentioned as 'mini-Khans'; subsequently leaving me to wonder how much damage Khan Noonien Singh and company could induce in the alternate reality.
  17. 5 1/2 years after initially posting in this thread and I still have not changed my opinion regarding this ep - still a 5 star rating from me. Great ep !
  18. Welcome aboard!!!
  19. RIP Neil Armstrong. Gone but not forgotten.
  20. Ok. Fair enough. I agree that there should be more showings of classic sci-fi programs including Battlestar, Star Trek and Star Wars. I would also like to see them too. :biggrin:
  21. Maybe, just a little bit. :)
  22. Bradley Cooper is an A-List star. If you say so, it still doesn' t change the fact this is the first i've heard of him.
  23. Abrams and co. sound a bit nervous that they may have alienated many longtime Star Trek fans.
  24. ^ Normally, I would agree, but this film does sound interesting and besides it also stars Edward Furlong who is probably most famous for playing a young John Connor in Terminator 2. I am looking forward to seeing his performance in this film. I also think a lot of Syfy's more recent efforts have been very good and entertaining. There are also a lot of older sci-fi shows being aired. There was a Twilight Zone marathon on all day New Year's eve and just a few days ago some of the original V episodes were being aired. I think that Syfy is doing their best to show both older and newer sci-fi. Which older films and shows would you like them to show?
  25. I'm looking forward to this film. I can't wait to see it.