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  1. This sounds like another promising ep. In a way, the Ripper's tortuous reaction at being weaponized waxes philosophical in a similar manner as to what TOS did with many eps, most notably The Devil in the Dark from its' inaugural season. Last week did not disappoint. I can't wait to see this new installment tonight.
  2. Interesting. It's really wonderful that props from TOS and Discovery are going to be on exhibit. It gives the exhibit a chance to showcase the best of the past, present and future of Star Trek.
  3. I can't wait to view this ep on Sunday.
  4. I am kinda surprised that the Bajorans did so well by coming in second. My personal faves are the Cardassians, but like all things Trek I can find something cool about each of those species listed.
  5. I like what i have seen of the series so far and am looking forward to more eps as it continues to find its legs, although it seems to be leaning heavily towards a covert operations (need I say Section 31?) subplot already. I am stoked that there is new Star Trek available, but wish there were more episodes to look forward to. Only fifteen episodes with a two month hiatus after a mere nine episodes into the series? I am kind of disappointed in that. Especially considering I am paying for CBS All Access to view this show (most of the other programs I would watch are already available on Netflix). I was really hoping for a 25+ episode season much like other series have given us in years past. Still, I am glad there is Star Trek rather than no Trek at all. I just hope CBS produces more eps when they rollout season 2.
  6. Sounds promising. I subscribed to All Access and look forward to watching this episode later tonight.
  7. Artwork looks nice. Many of the non-TNG posters looked awesome as well. I hate to be the one to state it, but the TNG crew poster should have included Wesley Crusher. He was based on Gene Wesley Roddenberry as a young man and Wesley Crusher played a significant role in many memorable TNG eps such as "The First Duty" and one of my personal faves, "Journey's End".
  8. Interesting. Thanks for posting this. This is not too far from my city. I am seriously considering going to this event.
  9. I like the intro. It has a retro cool feel to it with a definite sense of well, for lack of a better word "discovery".
  10. I am not completely sold on this series...yet. It is a pilot ep and as such it sets a pace for the series, and it seems like much of it was overacted and other parts were laden with f/x. Don't even get me started on the plot holes such as Burnham being Spock's adoptive sister, although Spock never mentioned he had a brother in Sybok either (technically half-brother). Its also hard to gauge the timeline of this series. I read that it was set 10 years before Kirk and it occurs in the prime timeline, but it is hard to gauge that by watching this first ep alone. There were some bright spots to the show: the Starfleet principle of exploration and of standing its ground against aggression was familiar and good to see on tv again-even if it was only for one night. I also liked the direction they are taking the Klingons in - uniting all 24 houses. I also liked what i saw of the casting for this show. The lead made quite an impression on Walking Dead. She will likely do the same with Discovery. Tonight's pilot ep gets a grade of a 'B'. Good for a first look, but definite room for improvement. It has promise so as of right now I am not going to write it off. I will have to see more eps which means a subscription to All Access before casting judgment. I hope the investment is worth it.
  11. RIP Grace Lee Whitney.
  12. Welcome back. Good to make your acquaintance.
  13. Its always so sad to hear of the passing of a person whose contributions in this world have touched the hearts and minds of countless others. My condolences to his family and his fans - his legacy will LLAP.
  14. Justin Lin is a superb choice. He will helm Star Trek back to greatness ( yes, it can get better than the last film).
  15. Welcome REDWARF!!!! How long have you been speaking Klingonese?