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  1. DUI

    i was the passenger in a DUI related accident recently, which i consider to be partly my fault because i did not take away the keys from the driver when i was well aware of the alcohol he had consumed. while i don't think i will be drinking for a long time, and the guy we hit will be ok, i was just wondering what you think the proper punishment for both a drunk driver who hurts someone should be, and what the punishment for a sober passenger who did not punch the driver out and take the keys should be. i cant talk to anyone i know to well about this, so i thought while i had internet access i would ask some people who have no connection to the situation. you cant say anything that would offend me, so just say what you think. thank you. if i seem a little wired right now, it is because i am. up until a day ago we thought the guy we had hit was going to die, and suddenly he wakes up and has no memory loss and is going to make a full recovery. if nothing else, anyone that reads this post, don't ever ride with anyone that has drunk ANYTHING, and don't ever drive drunk. you don't know what kind of pain you can inflict to innocent people until it is to late, and the kind of guilt you will feel after doing so. this will probably be my last post, but i would like to read your comments none the less. bye.
  2. brave new world by aldous huxley
  3. yes, if i as a man just listened to women more, then i could augment my own insanity that is based on a facade of logic with a different form of insanity based on a facade of emotion. then all our problems would be... augmented? i personally believe that men and women are equally stupid in different ways. still, it is entertaining.
  4. i remember the advice i got from a guy that got back from Iraq a little earlier than planned. " don't get shot. it sucks." cant argue with that logic.
  5. sometimes people seem to act condescending towards family's that have a lot of kids, so i was just wondering how many constitutes to many, and how many kids were in your guys family's when you where growing up. sorry, tried to add a poll but messed it up somehow, so i made another topic with the same name and a poll
  6. sometimes people seem to act condescending towards family's that have a lot of kids, so i was just wondering how many constitutes to many, and how many kids were in your guys family's when you where growing up.
  7. UK city's are almost completely covered by cameras, and according to the news, many american city's are giving it some thought. i don't know what it is but i just don't like the idea of the governments having control of cameras that can see everything anybody does unless its in a basement and everybody's comings and goings being watched.
  8. this is now on my list of things to do before i die.
  9. thats one awesome kid. he might be proof that people are naturally good. and talking about cook outs makes me very hungry.
  10. i really, really wish you were kidding. this really makes me wonder how many people there are out there that are so desensitized by our media and materialism that are not really people anymore. maybe George Romero is not so far from reality as we would like to think.
  11. i agree with kor, this could get very ugly. there could be lynchings.
  12. aw, come on, haven't you watched itchy and scratchy? but i jest. their culture is so different from ours that i don't think our peoples can ever be friends. the more i have learned about them, the less hope i have of ever changing anything over there. its not even that they are barbarians, they just have a whole different value system. they cant understand the freedom we are trying to give them because they have no common ground to base it on. we are not just talking about changing the keys on the keyboard here so they can read them, we are talking about trying to write a book (or constitution in this case) using a calculator. dear god i love metaphors.
  13. to tell you the truth, i see TOS kinda like an ugly, disgusting but necessary precursor to the newer series. kinda like the medical procedures they performed on old wooden navy ships and what they have done for medicine today. essentially they just butchered everything, but it slowly transformed into something of infinite complexity and detail.
  14. im gonna end up just trasfering this guys archives into this thread
  15. gotta be DS9. just loved the quadrent wide war thing. best space battles sci fi has ever known