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  1. I'm planning a trip to Canada/US next year and the tour I'm interested in, starts in Vancouver and ends in Las Vegas. I thought to myself, I have to see the Star Trek Experience! I was even considering being there for the convention but then I read that the Experience is closing down. Originally, I was going to go this year but all the tours I was interested in were fully booked. Oh well, there isn't much I can do about it now. Madam Captain out!
  2. Thanks Kor, I was a bit unsure. Now I can order books 11 and 12 from Amazon.
  3. I've been reading The New Frontier books and I just finished book 8. I have ordered books 9 and 10 from Amazon but I'm a bit confused as to the title of book 11. When I tried to find it at Amazon, it came up with book 3 but in brackets it said 'book 11'. I didn't want to order it in case its the wrong book but I've read book 3 and it had a different title. Does anyone know if this is book 11?? I really want to order books 11 and 12 aswell.
  4. I don't get UPN, Spike or the Sci Fi channel so hopefully they show something on free to air tv. For the 30 year anniversary, a documentary type program was shown on free to air tv and it was great!!! I think just about every Trek actor was there, apart from Patrick Stewart. Madam Captain out!!
  5. 2006 marks 40 years of Star Trek. Obviously there will be some huge celebrations. Does anybody know if there will be any tv specials, like the one they had for 30 years of Star Trek in 1996?? Just curious, Madam Captain out!!
  6. Bashir had a great friendship with O'Brien and I liked their interations. It was interesting to see the way they 'tolerated' each other in the very beginning and then they became friends and by the end of the show, they were able to confide in each other. They even missed each other's company if they had to go away or whatever!! I also liked the interactions between Julian and Jadzia. She was always 'just beyond his reach'. I liked the way he kept chasing her throughout the seasons and the way she played games with him. I thought it was a nice touch when Ezri told Julian that if Worf hadn't come along, Jadzia would have gone after him. The most interesting interaction by far was between Garak and Julian. While he didn't even know Garak at all, Garak made him think that he knew 'everything' about him. I loved the way Garak could turn 2 words into ten and he had a way with words that had Julian fooled most of the time. I loved how Garak and Julian didn't meet up all the time but when they did, it was fantastic. I think Julian was the only person Garak could 'manipulate' in a way because he was so naive! Madam Captain out!!
  7. I found it funny when Quark told someone (I can't remember who is was off hand) but he told this person that Morn never stopped talking!! Also, in another episode, Julian and Morn were having a conversation - we never actually heard Morn speak but it seemed as if he had chewed Julian's ear all night. Then we see Jadzia come over and tell Julian it was his turn in a darts game. I loved that scene!! Another great scene from season 3 was when O'Brien set up the darts board in Quarks and he gave the darts to Quark to have a go. He threw all three darts at once and they got stuck in Morn. Morn just looked at the darts stuck in him and pulled them out without saying a word! It was only a short scene but it was great!! Madam Captain out!!!
  8. YES!!!! This is the name of the band!!! The name of the song is actually 'The American Dream' not 'My Vision'. I downloaded My Vision and listened to the preview but it wasn't the right song. So I downloaded a heap of other Jakatta songs and I eventually found the one I was looking for!!! I have been searching for this song for about 2 years and I FINALLY found it!! Thankyou! Madam Captain out!!
  9. Someone must know the name of this song!! I'm beginning to think it doesn't exist or its disappeared off the face of the earth!! I love this song but I've only heard it a few times before and I never caught the name of it. My searches at google have been futile too. Surely this song must be out there somewhere or better still, there must be someone around here that knows the name of it and/or the name of the band. Madam Captain out!!
  10. I'm really stuck here. I've been looking for a particular song for a long time and I was wondering if anyone on here can help me. The song starts off with dance type music and a female voice singing 'La la la la la la la la la la' over and over again. Then the middle of the song changes to piano type orchestral music and then it changes back to the dance music and the 'la la las' again. I have no idea what this song is called but the name of the band sounds like Jucatta but its probably the wrong spelling. Ive tried searching for the lyrics at google but it came up with nothing and Ive tried searching for the band too. That came up with nothing either and I tried all sorts of different variations on the spelling too. Can anyone help me???!!!! Thanks, Madam Captain out!
  11. I voted for Qpid. I love that episode! My favorite scene was when Geordi was playing his mandolin and Worf came along, grabbed it off him, smashed it against a tree and then gave it back to Geordi!! That scene was hilarious!! Madam Captain out!!
  12. Frank Force (Okay, I guess it was 3 eps because the TV mention was from Memorial). How many Canadians have played regular characters (non guest stars) in a Star Trek series? Name them. 315214[/snapback] Nicole DeBoer and William Shatner are the only ones I can think of right now, Madam Captain out!!
  13. Nope, that's not right. 314912[/snapback] Okay, I'm having another guess, was it the episode straight after Best of Both Worlds part II - I can't remember the name. Madam Captain out!!
  14. I watched 'One Little Ship' a few nights ago and I saw Kira laughing again. She was smirking when she found out Jadzia, Julian and O'Brien would be half the size of coffee cups. Then she had a good laugh about it. I had to laugh at her 'laugh' because it was just so funny. Worf told her he didn't see what was so funny about someone being small. Nog agreed with him. I had a good laugh at that too!! I also liked the end scene when Odo told Julian and O'Brien that they looked a bit shorter than before. They both made a run for the infirmary!! That was hilarious! Madam Captain out!!