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  1. happy birthday! :D

  2. I love when the crew are one the ship or off of the ship there is so much that happens to both the onboard crew and the away crew
  3. I voted for LOTR, I have to say that Harry Potter is ok.
  4. I was born in Asheville, North Carolina
  5. Well I completed High school about 5 years ago and I've been doing alot of computer work ever sence then. I'm teaching myself and I've really learned more this way than if I was in a traditional collage.
  6. Well this is a hard one I voted for Kirk of course.
  7. Oh yea I'd love it if they stay undefeated. That would be great I hope they have a good game when I goto see them next month.
  8. Good song VBG
  9. I voted for the Kirk banner.
  10. Looks like I will have to go with Khan.
  11. Well if for some reason all of a sudden I turned into a woman and didn't know it the last time I checked I am a man.
  12. Happy Birthday!!!!
  13. I'd want to learn the Neck pinch, but then again the Mind meld would be cool to.
  14. I'm hoping that they do make it to the playoffs this year it would make sticking with them for all of the bad seasons worth while.