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  1. I'm still affected by this..A very tragic day indeed..I was watching football when it was announced..devastating..A man of Peace gone for no good reason at all..Such a loss for us all..still after all this time..
  2. I'm into re-watching the third season of TOS now and I'm amazed to see Leslie in the background..I'm very curious as to how many episodes he was actually in. Seems like quite alot.. He seemed to go away for some of the second season but here he is back in the 3rd..
  3. Happiness is a 3 day work week..
  4. Yeah, might as well keep it open for another week..At this point, it doesn't look like any new questions are going to be posted next week.
  5. Whooo....back up there. Do you have a real, actual girlfriend now? Go immediately to your log and dish out the details!..... :lol: Ok, I'll get to that..
  6. Halloween this year I spent at my girlfriend's sisters house..It was good to meet them all and actually spend Halloween with people rather than home alone watching movies..The food they made was very good as well..
  7. I bought a few more music cds thursday night..Seems like lately I've been listening to the same cds and wanted a few new ones. Actually I was hoping to get another 'Kill Hannah' cd, I do believe they have a new one out, but I only saw the one I have already. I first discovered them thru their song' Lips Like Morphine' on MySpace..Crazy about the song and the whole cd I think is fantastic.. Anyway, here is what I bought on thursday night.. The Cars first cd..Awesome recording of course.. The Who: Who Are You..Another great recording that I have a thing for. This one and the Cars cd bring back lots of memories of partying in cars with my friends in my younger crazy years..It sure was fun and I do miss all my old friends..One of them passed away suddenly last year.. Bob Marley: Legend..OMG, what a great cd this is..If you don't already have it, I highly reconmend it..I've heard a few of the songs before of course but it wasn't until Will Smith mentioned it in that movie of his that I became very interested in it..Fantastic cd, glad I bought it..
  8. Pumpkin carving at my sisters house last night !!!
  9. Happiness is getting out in the real world and enjoying the beautiful fall weather we had this weekend in Massachusetts..
  10. Thanks..Quite a new look for me..I'm starting to like it.. The first day in work was fun..The looks I got were priceless. And now when I say hello to a woman in a store or out walking she actually says hello back!
  11. I bet the title really grabbed your attention !! No, I didn't buy a Star Trek Cell Phone and am sharing a pic of it..I wish! I'm probably one of the few people that you know that doesn't have a cell phone.. I see people talking on them all the time..They are neat..But truthfully I am holding out for a Trekish style cell phone.. Why hasn't someone put one out yet? Do you realize how much of a big time seller it would be..A cell phone that looks like a TOS communicator would be awesome.Might as well throw in some cool Trek sound effects too!. What do you think? Will they ever make such a phone ? Or am I just having wierd Trek thoughts tonight?
  12. Hey, here's a few pics I took today at King Richard's Faire..I had a great time as always.. Click for Spoiler: Click for Spoiler: Click for Spoiler: I bought this print today..Pretty cool.. Going to look great hanging up in my home..Emerald Fairy, Earth Elemental..
  13. Bought 4 music Cds tonight... Pretenders: The Singles -- I've always liked the Pretender's songs that I hear on the radio so I've wanted to buy a CD for a while..I like Chrissie Hynde..This CD is full of good songs, a few of my favs are 'Message of Love', 'Brass in Pocket' and 'Middle of the Road'. Steve Miller Band: Complete Greatest Hits -- Another artist that I've wanted a CD of for a long time..Hard for me to llist fav songs here as there as so many. Such great music.. Pink Floyd: Animals -- It's hard to believe that I don't already have this in my library. At one time I had the LP way back when that's all I listened to..LPs..Guess this is one LP that I never got around to re-buying on CD until now. Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever -- I feel that Tom Petty's music is fantastic as I've said before..I've had my eye on this CD for awhile..Lot's of great songs..
  14. Only 1 person sent in answers? That's not good..We need more participation..Even if you only know a few answers, send them in, it's fun and you get a cool trivia rank under your screen name.. We're trying to have new questions on the board every week but we need member participation too..And in addition to new questions this week, there will also be unanswered questions from this past week..
  15. Not quite the same thing Kor..It's not a message board..But you can add comments to your friends page, and also add comments to their pics and blogs..many other things of course too..Have applications such as music and games, graphics and videos running on your page..I've even seen some MySpace pages that have a chat rooms or shout boxes on them..
  16. Mine is SpaceTigger..
  17. Is the magazine associated with StarTrek.com?? Seems to me that ST.com have had problems with us posting entire strips here in the past..I wouldn't do it without asking David about it first..
  18. Hey, that's a good sign..David Reddick had told me in Vegas that they were going to do something with StarTrek.com at some point and don't give up hope of 'The Trek Life' returning someday..So, could this be the start of things? I hope so..
  19. I've always considered myself a trekkie but I guess both words apply..I've never been comfortable saying trekker though..Doesn't sound right.. Hey, what is a VABeach Bunny ??
  20. I didn't know about this till I read this thread...I haven't had my TV on at all today..Is Brady out for the entire year?
  21. Looks Like Chase Masterson has a new CD coming out, her 3rd.. Crystal Anniversary: Songs From the Holosuite 1. I've Got The World On A String 2. I've Got You Under My Skin 3. Come Fly With Me 4. All The Way 5. The Best Is Yet To Come 6. Fever 7. They Can't Take That Away From Me 8. I'll Be Seeing You 9. The Way You Look Tonight Great songs..I can't wait to hear Chase sing them..