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  1. Nana Tucker was born July 26, 1957, to Broadway choreographer Robert Tucker (Gypsy) and ballet instructor Nenette Charisse. Famed dancer Cyd Charisse married Nenette's brother. Nana has two brothers, Ian and Paris, and one sister, Zan. Raised in New York's theater district, surrounded by dancers, Nana began dance lessons at her mother's studio at age 7. Following high school where she was a "bookish child" and where she had her first experiences on stage, Nana was accepted into Princeton. Before she could leave for college, however, Nana auditioned and was hired to be in the chorus of a show. Following that gig she continued to find work in the theater and kept deferring college. As she says, "I think everyone was pretty relieved that I didn't become the black sheep of the family and not go into show business." As Nana's showbiz career became a reality, she chose a stage name. "Tucker" was never a name Nana was particularly attached to: her father was adopted. "Visitor" is an old family name from her mother's side. "I guess someone decided were were just visitors here and took the name," she explains. Nana's first major stage role came in late 1980 when she played Stella Goodman in The Gentle People. Next she took on the title role in Gypsy, co-starring with Angela Lansbury. Following that production she landed a double role in My One & Only, starring 60's icon Twiggy. Nana was Twiggy's understudy (if the star isn't able to perform, the understudy takes over) and played the part of Prawn in the chorus. The soundtrack of this production is Nana's only appearance on an original cast album. She sings in the chorus, no solos, but it's a chance to hear Major Kira chiming in on Gershwin songs! With her singing voice warmed up, Nana landed a part in the Los Angeles revival of 42nd Street. Playing Peggy Sawyer, Nana wowed the audience with her tap dancing. In 1985, shortly after appearing in the revival, Nana moved to Los Angeles. Exact dates are unknown, but somewhere during all this Nana married dancer/actor Nick Miscusi whom she met at her mother's dance studio. Nana had some experience with television acting back in New York. In 1982 she played Georgina Whitman on the soap opera One Life to Live. Upon arriving in L.A., she began appearing in guest roles on MacGyver, Remington Steele, The Colbys, and a host of other shows. In late 1985, Nana appeared in a made-for-TV-movie based on Will Eisner's comic book character "The Spirit." The show itself was called "sappy," but critics praised Nana. In her role as the police commissioner's daughter, Nana delivered with comic precision. One reviewer praises her comic timing as she "hobbles into a crowded room while bound at the ankles and screams, 'Run for your lives!' A bomb is supposed to go off. Then she learns the bomb has been defused and whispers, 'Nevermind.'" Nana's comedic flair won her a role in the stage production of Ladies' Room, woman's answer to locker room humor. Nana played a former Playboy bunny who gave up that career to become a secretary. This play, co-starring Lisa Kudrow, spawned the feature film Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. Other stage roles followed, but Nana's destiny was, ultimately, in television. A classic Nana appearance, if you can catch it, is in the Night Court episode "Educating Rhoda." She plays a "pretty mental patient who slips out of court and into a hotel room with Dan, who's unaware she intends to reenact the shower scene from Psycho." In the same episode she brilliantly spoofs the Gloria Swanson role from Sunset Boulevard. Nana continued her successful career as a guest star for the rest of the 1980s, appearing in a wide variety of series: thirtysomething, Jake & the Fatman, L.A. Law, Baby Talk, Empty Nest, and several appearances on Matlock. She also reteamed with Gypsy co-star Angela Lansbury for an episode of Murder, She Wrote. In 1990, Nana snagged the role of Bryn Newhouse in the TV version of Working Girl, based on the hit movie starring Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver. Nana's co-star was a then unknown Sandra Bullock. The series never caught on with the audience, however, and was pulled after a handful of episodes. In 1992, Nana gave birth to her son, Buster. Later that year she auditioned for the role of Major Kira Nerys. The role piqued her interest because it wasn't "a mother, or a wife, or a prostitute, or a killer. [Kira] is fully realized." The lure of playing a three-dimensional character overruled her agent's cautions about working on a syndicated series. Network television is (or was at the time) far more helpful to an actor's career. Nevertheless, Nana auditioned, was called back for a second audition, and got the part. Her devotion to the character was such that she remained "in character" during her entire auditions. As she later recalled, the producers "thought I was perfect for the role but would a nightmare to work with." Little did they know what a prize they had. Kira became one of the most popular characters on the show with her combination of determination, gutsiness and vulnerability. Nana's seven years playing Major Kira Nerys (now Colonel) brought her into the public spotlight more than any other role. It also brought several personal changes. Nana and Nick divorced in 1994 and in late 1995 she and co-star Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir) began dating. Their son, Django El Tahir El Siddig, was born in September 1996, and they wed in June 1997. Sid and Nana divorced in April 2001 as their careers took them in different directions (and different continents). Following DS9's seven year run, Nana returned to the stage as Roxie in the Broadway production of CHICAGO and guest starred as Madam X on Dark Angel. Nana is currently appearing on the ABC Family drama 'Wildfire'.
  2. Production #: 147 Season: 3 Episode: 3 DVD Disc: 1 Air Date: 09.18.96 Stardate: 50156.2 Review not yet available. Cast: Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Robert Beltran as Chakotay Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris Ethan Phillips as Neelix Robert Picardo as The Doctor Tim Russ as Tuvok Garrett Wang as Harry Kim Jennifer Lien as Kes Guest Cast: Rosemary Morgan as Piri Don McManus as Zio Robert Pine as Liria James Parks as Vel Ed Trotta as Pit Beans Morocco as Rib Director: Les Landau Story By: Clayvon C. Harris Teleplay by: Kenneth Biller
  3. Production #: 145 Season: 3 Episode: 2 DVD Disc: 1 Air Date: 09.11.96 Stardate: 50126.4 Review not yet available. Cast: Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Robert Beltran as Chakotay Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris Ethan Phillips as Neelix Robert Picardo as The Doctor Tim Russ as Tuvok Garrett Wang as Harry Kim Jennifer Lien as Kes Guest Cast: George Takei as Captain Sulu Grace Lee Whitney as Lt. Commander Rand Jeremy Roberts as Valtane Boris Krutonog as Excelsior Helmsman Michael Ansara as Kang Director: David Livingston Written By: Brannon Braga
  4. Production #: 144 Season: 3 Episode: 5 DVD Disc: 2 Air Date: 10.02.96 Stardate: 50074.3 Review not yet available. Cast: Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Robert Beltran as Chakotay Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris Ethan Phillips as Neelix Robert Picardo as The Doctor Tim Russ as Tuvok Garrett Wang as Harry Kim Jennifer Lien as Kes Guest Cast: Dan Shor as Arridor Leslie Jordan as Kol Michael Ensign as Bard Rob LaBelle as Kafar Alan Altshuld as Sandal Maker John Walter Davis as Merchant Director: Cliff Bole Story By: George A. Brozak Teleplay By: Joe Menosky
  5. Yeah, this weighs on my mind alot because of the way my home looks.OK, hypothetical situation..--Suppose you were dating someone you really liked..When you finally saw his or her home there were autographed Trek pics everywhere..Would it be a turn off or would you be OK with it?
  6. Do you all have any Star Trek icons and cursors on your desktop? My cursor is the original Enterprise and instead of that boring hourglass I have that transporter symbol with someone beaming in and out..So cool..What else..Oh yeah my trash bucket on my desktop is the communicator from the Trek movies..When there is something in the trash it changes to the Klingon symbol.. I found this neat site that has many icons and cursors to choose from. (And many other things including wallpapers, screensavors and other Trek stuff) I'll provide a link to it in case any are interested. Starbase 34
  7. Thought this might be interesting since we have so many new members..There's an old thread buried somewhere..But I just can't find it..So let's all have another go at it..Shall we ? My first and middle are Michael Thomas, Call me Mike..
  8. It's raining and 73 degrees here..
  9. I downloaded this song off of Kazzaa. They list the artist as Nana Visitor..! Is this really her? Sure sounds like her. My question is; did she perform this in a DS9 episode? I haven't seen them all yet. Or, did she put out a music CD on the side. I like her alot and I have to say she sounds real good on this song.
  10. So, what was the last music (CDs, albums, cassettes or mp3s) that you have recently bought or recieved as a gift?
  11. The new Star Trek is a big success..and all your nitpicking isn't going to change what has happenend in this movie..I just hope JJ and the writers don't listen to all this criticism..What they did to the Star Trek universe was necessary..Look at the last 2 movies..Star Trek was dead ..They opened it up to so many possibilities..It'll be interesting to see what they do with it from here on in..And going back and doing what you call 'fixing' Star Trek isn't going to happen..Or if it does, it will be a big mistake, they would be going backwards..Look at it this way, it's far more important to put people in the seats of the movie theatre than pay strict attention to canon..
  12. Isn't this just so cool ?
  13. I'm wondering who else here uses Twitter..
  14. Okay, after reading some negative comments about the movie I felt the need to throw my comments out there.. No spoilers from me..Go see the movie !!!! Hey, this movie ROCKS!!! I'm going to see it again tomorrow..As for the changes and conflicts with past Trek Canon, no big deal..that's right no big deal..Stop being so picky..This is entertainment, so be entertained already..This movie is the best thing to ever happen to Star Trek..Looks like we actually have a Star Trek movie that is a huge hit..They did a great job with this..And as someone else has said, I hope they keep going in the direction they are going and don't 'fix things'.. All the actors were great in the roles but I must admit that Karl Urban's McCoy was my fav..He was fantastic.. Here's looking forward to tomorrow's re-watchiing of this great movie and to looking forward to Star Trek XII.. :P
  15. huh? Deal with it? Deal with what? I'm very happy with the direction Star Trek is taking..Already seen the movie twice and plan on seeing it at least one more time in the movie theatre..
  16. 5 for me too..This movie ROCKS !!! I'm going to see it again tomorrow..
  17. Let's not forget that this is just entertainment..so let's be entertained..I don't have a problem with the changes that were made for this film..and 7 million others seem to agree with me..and that was only opening night..I'm going to see it again this weekend..yeah, it's that good.. I need to see it again.. I wouldn't want a few picky fans to ruin future movies and series for the rest of us..seems like a familiar story..Just be happy that we are are getting great new Trek to enjoy.. My 2 cents..
  18. And I was about to post that this is the best Star Trek movie I've ever seen.. :P I had alot of fun watching it..It exceeded my expectations..I thought it ROCKED..But go watch it and see for yourself..
  19. There is a very good interview with Jeri and other cast members in the 16th issue of the Star Trek magazine..I just read the issue this week, I never recieved this one whch is why I read it so late. I had to have it re-sent to me. Glad I did..It was a special 'Remembering Voyager' issue and our friend David Reddick did some nice artwork in it, a nice depiction of Majel (Christine Chapel) and a cool map of 'The Voyage Home'.. I very much enjoyed the interviews with cast members as I always do.. Star Trek Magazine That is amazing!! What a souvenir to have..
  20. That's a good question, SpaceTigger might be able to answer that question. I've always had photos autographed..But I'm 100% sure that they will sign anything you give them..After all you purchased the autograph ticket, it's up to you what you have signed..Actually an autographed journal sounds pretty good..
  21. What I was trying to point out is that twitter is much more than 'What are you doing now?'..Anyway, I think it's a great site and was just sharing in the hopes of getting some more Trek fans I know there..
  22. ARE TWEETERS THE RISING NEWS JOURNALISTS OF THE WORLD April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized | Tags: Twitter, World News yep… most probably! with Twitter users the world over, having cameras and Twitter accounts, breaking news is now happening via the eyes of Tweeters the world over. What an exciting world in which we live! Why Use Twitter? Today’s post is written by Maggie McGary, author of the blogwww.mizzinformation.com.
  23. Yeah, I use them all on my mobile device MrPsychic..Twitter, Facebook, MySpace..But I like Twitter the best out of them these days..I like Twitter because I have it setup to automatically post my updates to my Facebook page and my blog..I wouldn't call it pointless..
  24. In my opinion what makes Twitter so cool is that I can Tweet from anywhere with my mobile device..I use twitter from everywhere so it doesn't really take me away from the real world, it just gives me more to do..I use it in Vegas from the convention..And I enjoy reading Tweets from Star Trek actors..Yeah, some of them are quite entertaining..