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  1. A small excerpt from Sir Patrick's appearance on James Corden's show:
  2. Hi everyone, since I'm doing this sort of topic thingy on a lot of other boards, I thought why not doing it here as well, here, the first English-speaking Trek message board I registered at when I became a Trek fan... wow, that was a long time ago... Those of you who remember me probably also remember that I'm a huge fan of Sir Patrick Stewart. I try to know everything about him, which is proving to be a rather challenging task sometimes. This topic is meant to provide people with Sir-Patrick-related news, new pictures and videos, movie/theater rumors and all (I will mark rumors as such, no worries). Of course it is also meant to be interactive, so, if you have a Sir-Patrick-related question or a comment or whatever, feel free to chime in and I'll try to answer it. I can't guarantee that I'll always have an answer, though. He is a rather fascinating individual with lots and lots of different aspects (which is partly why I like him so much), so, as I said, trying to know all about him is definitely not an easy task. Anyways... to start this whole thing, I thought I'd provide you with a) a link that points to recent pictures of Sir Patrick AND b ) information about what he's up to at the moment. a) The recent pictures can be found here. There were taken at OzTrek2, a Star Trek convention in Melbourne, Australia. Sir Patrick attended it on January 30th. b ) Next week (on Feb 18-21) Sir Patrick is going to perform with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in their version of Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex. He won't sing, though, he'll "only" narrate. (Pity, isn't it?) More information can be found here. He has also hinted at the fact that he will be back on a theater stage soon, so, he's up to something in that regard as well. Furthermore, if you have Twitter, you can follow my Sir-Patrick-News account over there at:
  3. Sir Patrick on today's The Late Late Show With James Corden: (x)
  4. Sir Patrick at the SiriusXM Hollywood Studio a few hours ago: (x)
  5. Sir Patrick a few hours ago at the Chanel & Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner:
  6. A new interview with Sir Patrick: Sir Patrick Stewart on meditation, marijuana, and crying with Hugh Jackman
  7. A nice little Coda poster: (x)
  8. Sir Patrick attended a Coda screening/Q&A a few hours ago: (Source)
  9. Reviews are in for Coda, Sir Patrick's new movie: ‘Coda’: Patrick Stewart an anxious pianist in subtle story of empathy and ivory ‘Coda’: Film Review Patrick Stewart plays a traumatized concert pianist in Claude Lalonde's directorial debut And here's a new still:
  10. You're welcome! Glad I could help.
  11. I'm not the biggest expert on all of this since I've never bothered to watch any of the Kelvin movies... but the causality is like this, I believe: Romulan dude in the 24th century is forced to witness destruction of Romulus in the Prime timeline, then seeks revenge and gets pulled into a singularity of some kind that throws him into the past, creating the Kelvin timeline in which that same Romulan dude then destroys Vulcan because he's still seeking revenge.
  12. A new interview with Sir Patrick: The Last Word: Patrick Stewart on Picard’s Evolution, Going Bald, Helping Veterans
  13. The destruction of Vulcan happened in the Abrams timeline. The destruction of Romulus happened in the Prime timeline. I think that covers the bascis. lol
  14. A nice picture of Sir Patrick: (x)
  15. Sir Patrick on CBS This Morning just now:
  16. Here's the video of Sir Patrick on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert:
  17. Sir Patrick on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight: And here's a nice little video: Patrick Stewart Looks Back at 'Star Trek' Career, Working With Gene Roddenberry
  18. Sir Patrick in CODA, a new movie in which he plays a pianist. Trailer here.
  19. Sir Patrick was on The Social a few hours ago: (Video here)
  20. A little Graham Norton Show excerpt: And here he is at the Star Trek: Picard premiere in Berlin just now:
  21. A new interview with Sir Patrick: Make It So! Patrick Stewart Says Fans Will 'Get Quite Emotional' About Star Trek: Picard Also, here he is on today's Graham Norton Show:
  22. The video version of today's appearance on ITV's This Morning:
  23. Sir Patrick and Jeri Ryan on ITV's This Morning today:
  24. The Star Trek: Picard premiere in London is happening right now and Sir Ian McKellen showed up:
  25. Sir Patrick just now at the Star Trek: Picard premiere in LA: