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  1. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... (Source)
  2. This is totally important information:
  3. I almost fainted when I saw this tweet this morning, lol. (I was tired and almost... misread things.) And then he tweeted this just now:
  4. I saw this a few days ago but I decided to wait until Sir Patrick confirmed it, and well, he kinda just has, so, here it is - Daniel Stewart is on Twitter now as well:
  5. Sir Patrick sends his congratulations to Seth MacFarlane:
  6. Sir Patrick is at Ohio Comic Con today and Eliza Dushku apparently likes this quite a lot:
  7. A picture of Sir Patrick, taken last night, can be found over here.
  8. The master has just spoken again:
  9. I guess I won't have to explain much here... (Source) Watch the whole thing over here.
  10. A picture of Sir Patrick at The Metropolitan Opera House last night can be found over here.
  11. Sir Patrick at the Broadway Builds - Habitat for Humanity event today: (Source)
  12. I am pleased to announce that a certain issue has now apparently been resolved:
  13. Another part of the Montreal Comic Con panel with Bill Shatner... the part around 10:28 is the most interesting one if you ask me.
  14. Sir Patrick will take part in the "Broadway Builds" event on Monday. More information can be found over here.