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  1. Sir Patrick with Jeff Bezos at the Amazon All Hands meeting today:
  2. Sir Patrick at the Charlie's Angels premiere in LA on Monday: And here is his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from last night:
  3. A new Bosley clip from Charlie's Angels: CLICK ME A helpful little article on what's next in Sir Patrick Land: CLICK ME And now, Bosley screencaps!
  4. A few pieces of smaller news: 1. Another Charlie's Angels Bosley poster: 2. Bedtime stories, anyone? 3. A funny little story from the Charlie's Angels set: Kristen Stewart punched 'sweet' Patrick Stewart in the face
  5. A few more impressions from Lucca Comics & Games:
  6. Sir Patrick is live on stage at Lucca Comics & Games convention right now:
  7. Check out this awesome Charlie's Angels Bosley poster from China:
  8. Another pic from yesterday. Because I can.
  9. Here's another picture of Sir Patrick on stage today: (Source)
  10. Sir Patrick is on stage at Comic Con Paris right now: (Source)
  11. Thank you! I have no idea if there's a STF Twitter or Facebook (I don't go anywhere except guinea pig groups on Facebook, for good reasons, I'm pretty much done with all the hate that goes on there)... I've never looked for one. But yes, most fans seem to have migrated to social media pages. Times have changed, I guess. I still love message boards tho.
  12. *wipes dust away* There we go! Sir Patrick is currently on stage at Destination Star Trek Birmingham, being his usual cheeky and amazing self: (Source)
  13. Not sure if anyone's still around but hey, I'm used to shouting into a void. lol I guess I'm back... this board was one of the first international Trek boards I joined back in the early 2000s and I have many, many fond memories of it. I returned a few years ago but then left again because I lacked the time to keep up properly, but these days I have a job that allows me to start early and leave early so that I have more time for my hobbies. Anyways. I hope someone reads this... oh and I shall start updating my Sir Patrick topic again. I hope no one minds, heh.
  14. Yeah, I do. They're pretty funny sometimes.
  15. I don't see why not. IF they choose to go further down the "bring in familiar characters" line, that is.