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  1. As do I, I just made the reference because everything that starts gonig wrong in that movie starts with the animal cloning.
  2. Great job indeed Indy! :wondering how i missed that last year:
  3. Anybody ever seen "The Sixth Day"?........
  4. Worlds Biggest burger I seen this picture and just had to post the story about it. Holy Crap that thing is huge!
  5. Bi Torrent Lite Torrent So far those are the ones I found within the first 15 minutes of hearing of suprnova's demise. If i find more ill post them. Also rumor has it that the same people that ran suprnova are working on a new thing called Exeem.
  6. Just an update. It seems is gone.Apparently the site is shut down. RIP :unsure:
  7. Within the last couple of weeks we have heard the testimonies of Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds over the steriod scandel involving the drug company BALCO. Jason Giambi admitted to using steriods knowing full well that they were illegal in baseball.Bonds who is in pursuit of Babe Ruth and Hammerin Hank Aaron on the all time home run list admitted to using steriods but didnt know what he was taking was illegal. I dont think there is any argument as to wheather or not it is wrong because we all know it is.Its cheating plain and simple. Wheather it be in baseball, football or any other sport its wrong. The question is what should be done about it? More immediatly what should be done to Giambi and Bonds? The Yankees are in the process of trying to void Giambi's contract and get out of paying him 84 million over the next 4 years. If it were any other ballclub I would hope it happens but since its the yankees I hope that King George gets stuck with his contract. Personally I think Giambi should be drummed from baseball.If Pete Rose gets banned for life for something that actually had no real effect on the game itself then Giambi should get banned for outright cheating. They say that Giambi will likely be booed, heckled and generally disrepected for the rest of his playing days. I say he deserves every bit of it.I for one would throw my full cup of pop at him and spit on him if I had the chance. Hes a discrace to the game. Thoughts? Opinions?
  8. Click For Spoiler Very good episode indeed.I did not expect the Romulans to be behind the Vulcan government but now that I look at it seems all to obvious.I loved Trip in command.He acts and feels like more of a first officer than T'Pol to me, and I, noticing shades of Kirk in him. I would of given this a 9 but I had one gribe and that Archer being able to do the Vulcan neck pinch. I can see him doing the technique right with the help of Surak but the neck pinch requires that strength as well to pinch the nerve.Up until now we have only seen Vulcans and Data because he has great strength do it.I dont buy Surak giving him the strength,Mccoy sure didnt have it. Anyway thats just a minor oversight.Manny Cotto is donig a brillant job with this series so far and its always nice to see Jeffery Combs. Anyways I give this an 8.5/10. Excellent episode indeed.
  9. I play every once in a while. I dont watch it on tv though cause i find it boring.It'd good for the casino i work at though.We have had Texas Hold em way before it became a big thing amnd it usually dies out every winter. Since it started to become popular people are still coming in to play during this time of year.
  10. It's free antivirus softwear. AVG HOMEPAGE 284742[/snapback] I'll comment on this on behalf of our fearless leader: "You mean all antivirus software isn't free?" Anyone who knows him will understand that. 284875[/snapback] LOL my thoughts exactly.
  11. We should be getting snow soon.It was down between 28-34 today and it rained a little, then it turned into a mix and stopped.So snow is coming soon.
  12. A new monitor. This one would be nice. Click For Spoiler
  13. Peanut Butter during most of the year.But during this time of year its Pumpkin.
  14. We have a well that comes up to our place. Course I don't drink alot of water so it's not something I think about.
  15. Around here it's not much of a problem. Of course everyyear we have a tradition in our county regarding Christmas Lights.In the captial(Montesano) practicly every house puts up a lot of light and everybody from all around drive through the town and check them out.They give tours and everything.It happens about a week before Christmas. Hmmm thats reminds me, better go out to my grandparents house soon and start setting up the lights.......