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  1. I love this episode the acting all around is excellent and with the new sfx in the remastered lets just say if I had the money I would have bought the first season set.
  2. I have never used ebay. I don't like using my credit card even with pay pal. I have been thinking about selling though. I have a movie theater lighted display for insurection. Its about 8ft tall all cardboard with a big poster that lights up from the inside. I happened to be working at a movie theater when the movie came out and my boss knew that I liked star trek. Do you guys think that it would be something that anybody would want to buy. Thanks
  3. Master of monsters is a very fun game. You are a wizard and depending on how much area you control is how much power you have to make monsters each round. Depending on which wizard you are is what kind of monsters you can make. The object of the game is to destroy all the other wizards on the board. The night we rented it we set it so all the wizards were the computer and let it play out. It was even fun just to watch it play itself.
  4. right now I have on one my pc of the enterprise D flying to a planet with rings as my wife has been using the pc a lot more than I have lately. Now on my labtop as I have been playing starcraft I have a pic from star wars episode 2 at the end of the movie with a bunch of clone troops. I normaly on the labtop have pics of scantly clad women.
  5. I used to watch the Doctor late saturday nights when it was on my PBS station. I remmber starting on the second doctor but my favorite has to be the 4th Tom Baker. I have been watching the new show on scifi and I am really looking foward to watching the second season so I can see sara jane again.
  6. I always thought that the king ones were a bit creepy too but I could not but my finger on why it was freaking me out so. Then one day I figured it out that big king head does not blink. So he is just staring at you. It puts chills down my spine whenever its on.
  7. Even though I don't own it my favorite game I would have to say is master of monsters. Some of my friends and I rented it and enjoyed it so much that we made a packed that if any of us saw it we would by it(and I was the only one that owned a genesis).
  8. I just finished this book about a week ago. A fine new editon to the new frontier books. I read it in just two days.
  9. I own them all on special editon DVD. Thats really the only way to watch khan because the SE has all that extra footage.
  10. Oh my I watched that latest episode and I can not belive it. I was laughing the whole time but it was a oh my laugh. I liked it but I think they went a little to far this time.
  11. I would have to say that I did not mind season 3 but IMHO it seems to be a season wasted. Why invent a new race when their is so much stories that could have been told to fill in the gaps in trek history. Why not start with more storys with the romulans. Just my thoughts
  12. I have a verry nice collection of gijoe toys(the small ones) and I have some of the old transformers before they went all plastic. I also have about half of the old star wars toys. When I was young so my brother and I would not get the same thing I would get the bad guys(empire or cobra) and he would get the good guys. So now that we are older I am trying to get the other half.
  13. I play RPG's the old fashion way. A group of my friends get together once a month and play. We are doing dungeons and dragons right now. Even though my player has not died this campaign I have had them die all the time and yes I know people that use the rules to their advantage to make god like players. I have done it myself but I also so have done the compleat other way.
  14. Yes that is good news. I have seen some of the first season already and they get better with every episode. That would also be cool if they started to show the old show. I really do miss watching it on PBS late on Saturdays. What about stargate atlantis? Unless this is will be in its repeat cycle.
  15. 293 I am still here. I have just not posted lately as I can't stop playing Civ 3.