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  1. :) Well, here's a new one: # 110 PS.: Notice the Borg that assimilates one of them!!!
  2. He! Capt_Picard is on the computer before me. I'm too would like to post this Treklife strips, but I always check to see if they are already posted. :biggrin:
  3. He! Just as me, then! :borgqueen:
  4. TL # 102 I wonder if Carl's boss is starting to be a Trek fan... :lol:
  5. Ok, here we go. I'll try to post all of the last ones in one post. Alright, it was more than three of them: TL # 97: TL # 98: TL # 99: TL # 100: TL # 101:
  6. Or, if it's ok with everyone, I could post those strips. :lol:
  7. Spacetigger, there have been three new ones of this comicstrip at ST.com since the last one you posted. Shall you not continue to post more?
  8. Trekkers Norway is planning to start a fan tvseries in Norwegian, and it's called Star Trek: Nexus. It's still on the planning stage, but is already looking good. PS.: All conversation will be in english, and subtitles in norwegian and english (mostly for the hearing impaired).
  9. Wow! That IS really interesting! :) Talk about size differences! :)
  10. LOL! And look at Carl's T-shirt. It says redshirt! :) :)
  11. Yes, and what with Vorik in the VOY episode "Blood Fever". I know it was the Pon'Far, but Vorik (or was it Tuvok) said that then the Vulcans are experiencing this period, they are having difficulty controlling their emotions. And Vorik got rather furious several times in that episode. And let us not forget Sarek in the TNG episode "Sarek". :blink:
  12. True, but it's three Trek qoutes there, and they are: , and . The first one mentioned is my favorite. Is it number 100 or number 1 that is the most popular one, since the list was in order of popularity? :blink:
  13. Here's the smiley that discribe that one best: :(
  14. Right now I have season 1, 2 and 5 in Voyager, but I will soon get the rest. By the way, I have won season 3 in Voyager in a lottery, and I'm just waiting for it to be sent. :borgqueen:
  15. Same here.