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  1. Very nice. He really has contributed ALOT to humanity.
  2. Something new is always good.
  3. I'd have to say Spock.
  4. Is it a glass of Romulian Ale?
  5. They're making new episodes? Time? Date? Network? I'm on the east coast
  6. I prefer TNG. Hm. How could he "know" people in the ST universe? lol. What does "ENG" stand for? Probably. I think Captain Picard has been the best Captain The older ones are alright, just a bit dated, TNG is tolerable due to its exceptional cast.
  7. Would you? How about solar power? I'm not sure. I believe the black hole sucks in the light, as well as everything else. Speed up? Not sure. I would think that light would remain as the same speed at all times. But are you sure it's not constant? Interesting. Why would this be a necessity? Okay, that last part is pure speculation on my side, but what if? I'd like your opinion on this. How about if we could absorb great amounts of solar power? Should be infinite energy in space.
  8. I was wondering if there's anyone that would be interested in a real life real life Federation project? Not like fan clubs, but movements that 'act' as if they're the Federation? If not, that would be so cool. Alot of people would be interested in that [including me] As the federation is about equality and dismantling traditional forms of wealth, it fits in really well with my views. I'm not saying a replica of the Federation, an organization that is based on the Federation. The only real life example I can think of that would be similar would be micronations, thousands do exist: I'm a citizen of "The Empire of Aerica" and there's like 100 citizens altogether in there, but yeah, I wish there was one based on the Star Trek federation Basically the Federation allowed anyone to join voluntarily, so it would be like an open membership world movement, a government, an economy that runs like it, just basically a compilation of everything. I think it would be a good idea to drop the Star Trek races, they're cool, but not realistic. What does everyone think? I tried to google thing, just surprised no more hardcore fan never thought about starting up something like this. BTW The Next Generation was my favorite :P The actual economy of the Federation is something called "PARECON" Enjoy! :P