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  1. 1. I hated it!
  2. It's average
  3. 3. It’s average.
  4. Stargate SG1 Zero Hour
  5. 2. It's not that good
  6. I never understood how they could take old shows filmed with old cameras and get more definition anyway, also how can animation be HD???
  7. 4. It's good
  8. 2. It's not that good
  9. I like Nog, I hate Jake.
  10. I got my friend into TNG and VOY, he got into TOS on his own, he doesnt really like ENT but thinks its ok, but refuses to get into DS9, the dominion war was the best trek ever..
  11. 5. It's great, I loved it!
  12. 3 average, was ok, just not that exciting.
  13. The series is just them running till the next film..
  14. Inquisitive.